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• 2h

Giveaway happening Right NOW

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 11h

I'll pay someone 50k to buy me 50 shabby sawmills since potato wont

Discord - Spear#0001

Roblox - iSpeari

Hey 101 ↓

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• 20h

Need A Worker

Hi I'm Not Rich But I Can Pay U 1/3 Of The Profit U Make for Me During The 1 Hour That I Almost Play On Each Weekend. 1/3 Means That If I Get 10k Profit From Your Work You Get 3.5k. If You work Hard And Honestly You Would Get A Raise That will Make Your earning Per Profit From 1/3 To 1/2 Which Means If I Make 10k Profit Because Of Your Help, You Get 5k

This Job Is Meant For Poor People Who Would Like To Do Anything For Money Without Arguing For A Increase In Money.

People Willing To Apply Please Submit Your Amount Of In-game Money And Temper Level And Tired Level And Don't Forget To Submit Your Honesty Level. Mark Them In 10 Except For Your In-game Money. For Example, Honestly Level: 5 / 10.

Discord Name: AbidullahAnsari14#0107

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• 21h

Selling 2018 Christmas Gifts

Hi all!

I'm selling the cheap gifts that were added last year so don't ask me for the expensive ones. Wholesale Dealer. ( Max 3k Discount )

Prices Are High Because No Way To Dupe Left.

1. The Low Confidence Gift 15k

2. Duck Shaped Gift 15k

3. Gift Of Mug Of Cocoa 15k

4. Gift With Candycane Stripes 15k

5. Gift Of Adventure 50k (limited only 2 in stock)

For More Details Contact Me On Discord: AbidullahAnsari14#0107


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• 1d

Hire me!

I'm willing to do any job (that isn't pretty much impossible like spook and sinister, at the moment, and palm ect.) i'm also not doing blue wood unless you know how to get through the maze, i'll do the jobs for money and items IGN: odyn20008

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• 1d

Selling scoobis 200k each!

Discord: Sans Obama #6969

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• 2d

Selling Most Items

I'm selling most items from the game which are unobtainable, and I'll be selling them for cheaper prices than most. I'm trying to save up to develop my base more.

Discord: TemmieBoy#6814

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• 2d
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• 2d

End Times Axe


Does some of you sell an end times axe, i just really need it to get down to that wood. Please help a Roblox lover out.

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• 2d


Since boxed scoob image was removed since it was exploited in for the picture to be taken. Shouldn't it be the same for boxed rukiry, end times, and beesaxe?

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• 2d

Presumably a hacker

found this player while playing, surprised they got that box

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• 2d

Selling Scoobis 250k!

I have some scoobis which im planning to sell so i can get enought money to make an E P I C base

username: BlockJack867

Discord: Barack Obama #0875

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• 2d

Selling Axes 2k unboxed 3k boxed

My Discord is DeepGamingYT#4501 friend me and msg me

My Roblox is

irealhackeraskme's Profile
irealhackeraskme's Profile ROBLOX
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• 2d


I am hosting a building contest in a private server with my friends! We will schedule a time for this build contest, contestants will make builds with a time limit of 1 hour. Winner gets $600,000 In Game Cash.

Start on empty slot

1 plot of land ONLY (meaning do not upgrade your land!)

We will donate everyone enough to buy 1 plot of land

- Must grind their planks to make builds

- Builds will have a THEME

- Everyone will be given the listed items below

- Silver Axe

- Car

- SawMax02


NOTICE: Price to enter is $25,000 to prevent non tycoonist contestants (sorry!)

Disc: kong#7255   Roblox : K_ongT

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• 3d


Nikola1995 is hacking, killed me and has 20mil.

also apparently were friends

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• 3d


Wood Gatherer - Elm Tree Trunks

Income Wage matrix chart - (ranges from 3k to 8k) PER PLANK
Gyazo Gyazo
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• 3d

Spork thats a lump of coal

No joke i have a spork thats " a lump of coal" am happy

video :

- insert long hmm here -
- insert long hmm here - YouTube
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• 3d

Buying a small truck full of coal for 250k or your price

I would like to buy a small truck full of boxed coal or coal gift

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• 3d

Confirming birthday

I want to confirm that my friend popkornpiko2's birthday is on the 4th of May. Thank you.

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• 3d


Discord - xcory9x#8324

Roblox -

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