06 In Full Context is a painting that can be unboxed from the Modern Gift, a gift that was purchasable in the Fine Arts Shop for $18,200 Money, as part of the 2017 Christmas Event.


It has a square, gray border with the Smooth Plastic material, and a plain square, with a white background with the same material.


When unboxed by a player and placed on their land, it will appear as a blank canvas. When hovered over, it will enable the player to Express the painting by interacting with it, which makes it unique from any other painting within the game.

If selected, a random number of differently colored rectangular figures will appear on the blank canvas. This feature can only be used once.

The shapes and colors appear to have some correlation to the items placed near and/or around the painting once the user has interacted with it. For example, purple neon wires seem to cause the painting to generate pink figures.

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