The Alpha Axe of Testing is an Axe that was purchasable from Wood R Us for $500 Money, as an exclusive feature only available during the Alpha Testing Stage.

Mesh ID : 145815658

Texture ID : 274074925


The Alpha Axe sports a white handle, a pink strap, and a slightly worn, pink blade. Its box is very different from other axe boxes, as it does not contain a decal on it. Instead, it spells out ALPHA AXE with a lighter shade of pink. The box is very similar to the Beta Axe's box, with the same design, but a different color and words printed on the box. The Beta Axe does barely more damage than the Alpha Axe.


It was purchasable in Wood R Us for $500 Money. After the game left the Alpha Testing Stage and transitioned into Beta Testing, the box was moved to the Retirement Stand. The axe's box was then later removed from the Retirement Stand and was replaced with the Beta Axe.

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