This testing stage has ended. Thanks for ALPHA testing!

The exact release date of the Alpha Testing Stage is unknown, but it is assumed that it was released some time in June or July in 2015. The game used to be named "Test", and usually only had around five players playing it daily. Then, in late August, Quenty, the creator of a few famous games, joined in. Since then, more people got to know about the game.

Defaultio would often come visit the game, and ask loyal players for ideas, and some of these ideas made it into the game, most notably Glass Panes. The Alpha Axe of Testing was available for purchase during this time for only $500 Money to give appreciation to people for shaping the game to what it is today. This axe has now become one of the rarest axes to be bought boxed. Even if you find it, they are costly to purchase, especially in it's boxed form. Other rare axes include the Fire Axe and now, the Beta Axe of Bosses.

The boxed Alpha Axe was hidden underneath Wood R Us after it's removal, starting on August 28th, 2015, and was removed in January 2016.

Other features added in the game can be seen is the mostly the fundamental and vital elements of the game - some of which are Wood R Us and the Wood Dropoff, basic wood types such as Oak Wood and Cherry Wood, purchasable and expandable Land, and Sawmills. Again, thanks for ALPHA Testing!

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