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The Amber Axe was an item that could be purchased from Bob's Shack for $1,100 Money, as a part of the 2018 Halloween Event.

This axe was in a suggestion pack created by multiple wiki users, Jac16king, Unikarnz, Trainsparency, and Fjalon.


It has the second largest base damage of any axe in the game, beaten by only The Many Axe. Though it also has the third longest swing cool-down of any axe in the game, this time beaten by the Beesaxe and The Many Axe. The description, when it could be 'checked' in Bob's Shack during the event, very likely refers to how mosquitoes or other insects became stuck and fossilized in amber in the prehistoric ages in real life, however, no instances of mosquitoes have ever been reported, and it may only be a tease. The head of the axe is also visibly transparent, and when held up to an item, players have the ability to see through the axe-head, though the image seen through it may be slightly distorted. The axe also is invisible when looked at through glass.

There once was a glitch where an unboxed Amber Axe would have no texture on the handle. After it was dropped, the Amber Axe entirely turned into Amber and could no longer be put into the player's inventory, but could still be moved around. This would happen when the Amber Axe was on the ground when the player reloaded their property. (this glitch has now been fixed) (There was also a known bug where the texture from the axe would appear on the grass, making the grass look like swamp water.) This feature has since been removed.


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