Guys, Lumber Tycoon 2 is really just a bunch of economics and behavior experiments, sorry.

— Defaultio, on Twitter

Scamming has been a prevalent issue in Lumber Tycoon 2 since its creation. This is due to the loose (and for the most part, unintentional) ability of trade in the game.

Why It Happens

Scamming is possible as there is no proper trading system that allows players to trade their items with another player at the same time, which makes them unable to revoke each other's offers when completed.

For clarity, here is an example:

1. Player 1 is interested in purchasing an object from Player 2 for $500 Money.

2. Player 2 delivers the object to the other's land, and drops it. They ask that Player 1 provide the money before they whitelist them.

3. Player 1 sends the money to Player 2, however, they take the object back to their own land, and leave the server, along with the object and the $500 Money.

If Player 2 instead whitelisted the customer first, they could have taken the object and left the server without paying anything. Thus, there is no completely safe way to trade in LT2 - as the game is not designed to deal with that.


A list of precautions one can keep in mind to avoid getting scammed is included below. While they might not be entirely helpful, it may lessen the chances of being scammed when making trades.

1. Never trade with people who have a record of scamming. This one is pretty obvious. Even if they have "changed", or are giving you good offers, refuse, as you do not know if they have an intention of scamming you.

2. Do not trade with people who act suspiciously. If the player you are trading with constantly changes the trade offer, or is speaking in another language, refuse, as it may be a sign of them trying to trick you into being scammed. If you were scammed, and if you ask to get your items back, they may make an excuse, saying that you "misunderstood" the offer.

3. Ask players to put their items on your base before you send them money. It is best for you to ask players to place their items inside your base before you send other people money, especially if they are the one willing to trade. This prevents instances of you getting scammed.

Remember - there is NOTHING you can do if you have been scammed.

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