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Axes are important vital tools in Lumber Tycoon 2 which are used to chop down trees and cut logs and planks into smaller chunks for easier transportation or milling.


They are used while equipped through clicking or tapping on a log/plank within the appropriate range to create a cut line. Once the player makes a cut that passes through the entirety of the cross-section of the log/plank, it will be cut apart, and causes any other cuts to disappear. Cutting a log at a branch will disconnect the log sections that were connected to that branch.

Axes have a cooldown to how many times can be swung each second, indicated in the table below by their "Cooldown". Several swings can be chained rapidly together by swinging the axe at the right time. Doing the swing too late or too early will cause the chain to break and prevent any additional swings for a short period of time.

Since axes are tools, they can be dropped by pressing the Backspace key, rearranged in another order in the player's inventory, and drop with white sparkling effects if the player dies. The only exception to this is by falling into the void, in which case the axe will not drop and will remain in the inventory upon respawning. Only the owner or players whitelisted by the owner can grab or equip a given axe.

Axes Cost Damage Range Cooldown
Standard Axes (Available from Wood R Us)
Basic Hatchet 12 0.2 4.8 0.65
Plain Axe 90 0.55 6 0.73
Steel Axe 190 0.93 8 0.7
Hardened Axe Slam.png
Hardened Axe 550 1.45 0.65
Silver Axe 2040 1.6 10 0.48
Special Axes (Limited time or require certain methods to obtain)
Alpha Axe of Testing 500
(During Alpha Testing)
1.45 10 0.3
Beta axe.png
Beta Axe of Bosses 1,100
(During Beta Testing)
1.5 0.45
Rukiryaxe 7,601
(Quest Items)
1.68 9 0.4
Fire Axe 14,400
(From Fiery Gift of Lumber)
8.12 (Lava Wood)
0.4 (Others)
0.3 (Lava Wood)
0.45 (Others)
End Times Axe 7,601
(Quest Items)
1e7 (Phantom Wood)
1.58 (Others)
0.3 (Phantom Wood)
0.4 (Others)
Amber Axe 1,100
(Halloween 2018)
3.73 1.25
Candy Cane Axe 6,000
(From Sweet Gift)
0.00 6 0.75
Beesaxe Beesmas 2017 Event Gift 0.95 10 1.7
(From The Gift of Great Times)
0.75 0.54
The Many Axe 38,004
(Beesmas 2018 Gift Reward)
10.2 16 1.9
Bird Axe.png
Bird Axe 2,840
(Bird Quest Items)
2.5 (Lava)
3.9 (Cavecrawler)
1.55 (Others)
0.4 (Lava and Cavecrawler)
0.5 (Others)
Gingerbread Axe.png
Gingerbread Axe 62,000
(From Gingerbread Gift)
11 (Koa)
8.5 (Walnut)
1.2 (Others)
32 0.4 (Koa and Walnut)
0.5 (Others)
Rusty Axe 16,004
(From Old Gift of Oxidation)
0.55 7 0.4
Candy Corn Axe 9,400 1.75 16 0.6
Unobtainable axes
Gold Axe Unknown 50 6 0.2
Stone Axe Unknown
Lumberman's Axe
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