Bag of Sand
Unboxed Boxed
Unboxed bag of sand
Bag of sand
Location Wood R Us
Cost $1600 Money
Type Loose Item
Usage Rukiryaxe Quest Item
In-game Description
"Time for Sands Castle."

The Bag of Sand is a loose item that can be purchased from Wood R Us for $1,600 Money. Once purchased, the bag of sand cannot be opened.

This item is necessary in obtaining the Rukiryaxe, or the End Times Axe during Halloween Events, in the Den.


The Bag of Sand is light brown colored, with a small amount of sand visible in the sides of it. It's box has a plain white background, with strangely, a grey-colored Bag of Sand without texture and sand in the sides of it.


The Bag of Sand was added during the early phases of the Beta Testing Stage.

The description of the item was changed from "Time for Sand Castles." , to "Time for Sands Castle.", during the Beta Testing Stage.