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The Beesaxe is an axe that could only be received on December 9th, 2017, to players who solved and finished Day 2 of Mah Bucket's Beesmas 2017 Event: Nuts N' Bolts. It is now only obtainable through trading or buying from other players.


The Beesaxe's head sports a striped pattern that comprises dull shades of black and yellow, with small, faint pictures of bees spread all over it. Its handle is a greyish-brown color, similar to the Rukiryaxe handle, and has a bright yellow strap near its base.

Bee particles emit out of the axe head when chopping wood, and the axe has a small chance to play a randomly pitched audio that says "BEES." Its box is similar to the End Times Axe's box, apart from its color. The box's color is golden-orange with bold, capitalized red text reading "I CHEATED FOR THIS BOX" on all four long faces of the box.


The player must have solved Day 2 of the event through observing the Honeycomb and using the Honeycomb Decoder during the time it was still in the game, and entering the code 6573542 to the Jester, in the Beesmas: Nuts N Bolts game.

If successful, on December 9th, 2017, a pop-up would greet the player after loading their Land. If the player picked "Claim", the axe would fall next to the player or inside the player's Land. However, if the player clicked "Close", the pop-up would disappear and will only be shown again once the player rejoins the game and loads their land.

However, the Beesaxe box is not obtainable in the game and no user has it. It is speculated that owning this item in its boxed state will cause the player to be automatically banned from Lumber Tycoon 2.

The pop-up that makes the axe redeemable.


The Beesaxe was difficult to obtain for players who have small bases since the pop-up that allows the player to redeem it will disappear after the player's Land finished loading, and smaller data-sized bases load a lot faster than large ones.

However, most players seemed to be unable to see the pop-up once again when they rejoin and load their land, even if they haven't claimed the axe yet.

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