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Hello there. I can bless your shiny objects if you please!

— Bird

The Bird is an NPC located in a small cave in the Tropics, whose purpose was for obtaining the Bird Axe. It was added to the game on the 13th of January, 2019, and is currently the only non-human NPC in the game.

Due to the cave's closure, the Bird is now inaccessible unless the player does a wall clip. Attempting to interact with the Bird will only prompt "...", even when the requirements are met.


  • If the player interacts having un-fulfilled requirements: "..."
  • If interacted with after fulfilling all requirements: "Hello there. I can bless your shiny objects if you please!"
  • If the player interacts while having placed an axe other than the Silver Axe on the pillar: "Hm, that's not quite shiny enough."
  • If a Silver Axe is placed on the pillar: "Blessed!"

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