Bob's Shack is a small store that is located in the Safari, and is located a distance behind Fancy Furnishings. The store is open at all times, and is managed and owned by Bob. It sells unique and limited-time items always at a low price (except for the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye), such as pumpkins or presents during events that are hosted within the game, as well as some items necessary to obtain the Rukiryaxe or End Times Axe.


Bob's Shack is a small building containing one light fixture and wooden walls, with the roof slanting to the left. It is on top of a wooden platform and has two large square holes that serve as windows. Within the shack are wooden shelves that hold the items purchasable. When an event item is present, a black sign will emerge at the currently empty wooden shelf next to Bob's rusty counter.

Item Picture Cost (Money) Description
Dynamite TNTBox $220 "For all your exploding things needs."
Can of Worms CanOWormsBoxed $3,200 "Mmmm... worms."
Halloween 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Pumpkin Pumpkin-0 $360 "Perfect for warding off the neighborhood youngsters."
Christmas 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob Coalgift $10,000 "It's probably coal."
Halloween 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Dark Pumpkin Dark pumpkin $500 "You feel this pumpkin calling you from deep within."
Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye CreditJerricksEyeBox $400,306 "The mere motion of a preserved enlarged ostrich eye confuses you."
Christmas 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Acceptable Gift from Bob BobAcceptGift $10,000 "Good old Bob never disappoints, except for usually."
Halloween 2017 Items (no longer purchasable)
Strange Pumpkin RobloxScreenShot20171005 181458222 $500 "You're not sure about this pumpkin."
Halloween 2018 Items (no longer purchasable)
Cursed Pumpkin CursedPumpkinBoxed1 $524 "The wise avoid the cursed."
Amber Axe AmberAxeBoxed1 $1,100 "If you're lucky you'll get one with a mosquito."
Thanksgiving 2018 Items (no longer purchasable)
Can of Cranberry Sauce CranberryBoxed1 $2,800 "You KNOW the best part about cranberry sauce! (when you remove the contents it's like you have two cans)"
Christmas 2018 Items (no longer purchasable)
Round and Flat Gift RoundGiftStockImg $20,000 "Do NOT purchase unless you really trust round and flat things!"
Cold and Wet and Lumpy Gift from Bob LumpGiftStockImg $10,000 "it's cold... .. ., ,
it's wet ,,. . ..
it's .. .. LUMPY! 😳"
Halloween 2019 Items (no longer purchasable)
Lumbkin LumbkinBoxed $620 "Woody pumpkin?"
Christmas 2019 Items (no longer purchasable)
Gift of Unhealthy Diets Unhealthygift $390 "Mmmmmm"
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