Boulders serve the purpose of slowing or preventing access to an area. They are classified into two categories: Volcano Boulders and Snow Cave Boulders, which can be pushed using loose items, potentially allowing players to move them out of the way without the use of Dynamite.

Volcano Boulders

Volcano Boulders spawn within the Boulder Cave and roll downward once the Volcano's obstacle course has been triggered. They are grey, spherical rocks that are at least five times the size of a player.

They also give off a faint, red glow, only noticeable when one rolls out of the Volcano through the entry tunnel, which happens occasionally when a player has been in the Volcano for a long while.

If a boulder hits a player, it will not damage them, but is capable of pushing them, as well as vehicles, and will reflect against loose items. The boulders only spawn when a player is inside the Volcano .

Snow Cave Boulders

Snow Cave Boulders are large, grey, rectangular rocks that spawn within the Snow Cave, both during Server Initialization and whenever the game detects that a majority of them have been missing for a short period of time.

These boulders tend to be at least 6 units wide on all sides. When they spawn, they slide out of the cave and into the passage separating the Taiga from the Main Biome, preventing most vehicles and large objects (but usually not players and small items) from passing through.

Blockages caused by Snow Cave Boulders can be removed by a detonation of Dynamite. When affected by the resulting explosion, the boulders will move out of the way, then fade away after a short time.

The boulders from The Snow Cave, blocking the entrance to the Taiga.


Volcano Boulders may occasionally fail to be destroyed upon hitting the lava at the bottom of the Volcano, causing them to pile up at the volcano's entrance and hinder entry for a time. Some of them may even get flung and land on the Main Biome.

Snow Cave Boulders may occasionally fail to respawn correctly, preventing them from re-blocking the passage separating the Taiga from the Main Biome after it has been unblocked once with Dynamite. Also, boulders flung away from the passage by Dynamite may fail to disappear if they collide with a tree shortly after detonation. Snow Cave Boulders can also disappear without the use of dynamite if they are moved using glitches.

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