Boxed Cars is a store that is located in the Safari. The store is open from noon to dusk, and is managed by Jenny, the owner of the store. As the name suggests, this store sells vehicles in boxes.


The Boxed Cars store sports an exterior made out of grey, concrete walls, similar to the Fancy Furnishings store. It can be easily identified as a vehicle store because of the big, bold letters at the store-front. It can be entered by going through its glass doors, which is usually opened at day-time, and closed at night.

Inside, the store still possess the grey, concrete walls, and has each vehicle, beside its box, for showcasing. The trucks can be sat on, but cannot be driven. The counter where Jenny manages it is beside the glass door entrance.

During the End Times Update, the design of the store was changed to a rustic and abandoned style, to fit in to the theme of Halloween. Down below, is all the items you can get except from the event ones.


Item Image Name Cost
Utility Vehicle XL $5,000 $100 "A slightly larger bed than that offered by the standard model."
Val's All-Purpose Hauler $19,000 $380 "Featuring doors, for your pleasure!"
Small Trailer $1,800 $36 "For all your smaller trailer needs! Hitch it up to any truck with a ball hitch."
531 Hauler $13,000 $260 "Featuring a tailgate and bogie suspension, this trailer will serve you humbly."
Christmas 2016 (no longer purchasable)
JingleGift.png Jingly Gift of Jingles $32,000 $2,000 "JINGLE JINGLE DO YOU HEAR THAT?"
Christmas 2018 (no longer purchasable)
AdvGiftStockImg.png Gift of Adventure $10,200 N/A "There's nothing like a new year."
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