Burger Cola is a loose item that can be unwrapped from the Gift of Unhealthy Diets, which was purchasable at Bob's Shack for $390 Money, as a part of the 2019 Christmas Event. This item was designed and submitted by Jac16king.


The color background of the can is a gradient of white and bun tan. The font color scheme is cheese yellow and tomato red. The can features a Cheezburger, below the burger is the word "Cola". To the left side of the burger is the word "Burger". All of that combined forms the iconic Burger Cola logo.

The product slogan is: "It's BunTastic!", which is a word play of "funtastic!". The description of the product is: "Are you sick of having to go to a burger joint to get that delicious juicy burger taste? Well, the wait is over. Here is Burger Cola! Your drink for burger taste on the go!". Below the description states that Burger Cola is distributed by BURG WORLD.

The can also contains nutrition facts (which are just lines due to Roblox's Terms of Service against small prints) and a bar code.

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