The Can of Cranberry Sauce is a loose item that could be purchased at Bob's Shack for $2,800 Money, as a part of the 2018 Thanksgiving Event. Despite its description, this item cannot be opened twice. The description references a common recipe for cranberries, that involves turning cranberries into a gelatinous form, and shaping it into the form of a can. Thus, having two cans from one. It was created and submitted by the wiki user, SMALLSOPE42.


It is similar in shape and size to the Can of Worms, but has a different texture. It has a grey top and bottom and a maroon background with an image of a cranberry on opposite sides. Its box sports a white background with its decal on both sides. This item appears to currently have no use, other than for decoration or showcasing purposes. It can be put together with a turkey to make a meal.

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