Can of Worms
Unboxed Boxed
GummyWormCan CanOWormsBoxed
Location Bob's Shack
Cost $3,200 Money
Type Loose Item
Usage Rukiryaxe Quest Item and End Times Axe Quest Item
In-game Description
"Mmmm... worms."

The Can of Worms is a loose item that can be purchased from Bob's Shack for $3,200 Money. This item is one of the three items necessary to obtain the Rukiryaxe, which can be found in the Taiga Biome, and also the End Times Axe during Halloween events,  both inside the Den. Despite it's decription, this loose item can't be eaten by a player.


The Can of Worms has a grey tin top and bottom, with a green background with an image of gummy worms. Its box has a white background, with a strange grey-colored Can of Worms without texture and color in it.

The Can of Worms is based on a ROBLOX gear called "Tom's Beans".