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This page is about Candy Cane Axe. You may be looking for Candy Corn Axe.

The Candy Cane Axe is an axe that can be unboxed from the Sweet Gift, a gift that was purchasable in Wood R Us for $6,000 Money as part of the 2016 Christmas Event.

The axe has a chopping range of 6 and has a chopping damage of 0, making it the worst axe in the game. It was included in a gift suggestion pack, and was added by Defaultio as a joke. When used to cut trees the axe is dropped from the player's hand onto the ground. It is now only obtainable from trading.


The axe has a pink and white striped steel with a pink strap on the handle. Its box is colored with a salmon-like color, with an image of the axe in the sides. It is slightly larger in height than the Fire Axe but is slightly shorter than most other axes.

The texture of the axe and the gift was made by users Unikarnz and Fjalon.


It was originally speculated that "candy trees" would be added because of axe's inability to cut any wood, but this is not the case. Rumors have gone around that Lumber Tycoon 2 influencer CodePrime8, knows of a "secret" of the Candy Cane Axe told by Defaultio; however, this was proven false as no underlying code suggests the existence of a special use.

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