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This page is about Candy Corn Axe. You may be looking for Candy Cane Axe.

The Candy Corn Axe is an axe that could be purchased from Wood R Us for $9,400 Money, and is an exclusive seasonal axe available for the 2020 Halloween event.


The Candy Corn Axe has a dark brown handle with an orange band. The most unique part of this axe, though, is its candy corn-shaped axehead. This is the first axe to use a completely different mesh for the head, in similar fashion to how the last Halloween-seasonal axe was the first to have a transparent axehead.

The candy corn axe has a comparable DPS (damage per second) and damage to the Silver Axe and other previous testing stage axes. It is not currently known if this axe harbors any unique abilities.

The axe logo on the box will be invisible when looked through glass. The mesh for the axe head was possibly based on this crown.


It was purchasable from the back shelf of the Wood R US store (four of them were on the shelf). The axe was added on September 30, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. EST, along with the other items. Interestingly, servers did not need to shut down for this to happen. Because the game was, as of the time of writing, last updated on September 11th, 2020,  it appears as though the update was built into the game ahead of time.

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