Vehicles are machines used to transport players and/or loose items. They spawn in one of the colors listed below and are classified into two variations.

Trucks, mostly called Cars, are machines that can be steered by the player. The Val's All-Purpose Hauler is the fastest car of them all. A feature not commonly known is the ability to toggle a truck's headlights by pressing L on PC, or Y for console.

Trailers are cargo extensions for trucks. Note that they cannot be controlled; it follows the same direction as the truck goes when hitched. It can be hitched to a truck or another trailer by connecting its front hitch to the small ball hitch located at the rear-end of any truck or trailer. If a trailer is hitched, it may be unhitched as well.

Name Image Cost
Store Description
Purchase Respawn
Utility Vehicle
$400 $8 Wood R Us "You can get a little bit around."
Utility Vehicle XL
$5,000 $100 Boxed Cars "A slightly larger bed than that offered by the standard model."
Val's All-Purpose Hauler
$19,000 $380 Boxed Cars "Featuring doors, for your pleasure!"
Small Trailer
$1,800 $36 Boxed Cars "For all your smaller trailer needs! Hitch it up to any truck with a ball hitch."
531 Hauler
$13,000 $260 Boxed Cars "Featuring a tailgate and bogie suspension, this trailer will serve you humbly."
Christmas 2016 (Not purchasable)
$32,000 $2,000 Boxed Cars "JINGLE JINGLE DO YOU HEAR THAT?"
Christmas 2018 (Not purchasable)
$10,200 N/A Boxed Cars "Let's go exploring!"


Wobblebobbles are loose items that can be hitched at the ball hitch at the rear-end of a truck or trailer. When hitched, it will bobble around the ball hitch of the truck or trailer. It is believed to ensure that the vehicle will land on its wheels when driving off cliffs because of their ability to stay upright after falling without any interruptions.

Respawning & Colors

EpikYummeh in front of the first pink car spawned.

A vehicle can only be spawned on its spawner (vehicle spot). The spawner of a vehicle can be obtained by opening the box and placing it down on a plot. It is a brown, rectangular plank, with four white L-shaped designs on its corners. Its most essential part is the short, orange cylinder found centered on the assumed front part, which when interacted with, will spawn the corresponding vehicle and cost the player the fee for respawning it.

When placing a vehicle for the first time, or respawning, the vehicle will spawn with one of the following colors listed below (except the Sleigh):

Medium Stone Grey
Dark Red (Maroon)
Sand Red
Sand Yellow Metallic
Lemon Metallic
Gun Metallic
Earth Orange
Earth Yellow
Brick Yellow
Really Black
Faded Green
Sand Green
Black Metallic
Dark Grey Metallic
Dark Grey
Mid Grey
Hot Pink (1/500 chance to be spawned)
Please note that these are web colors. They might appear slightly different in Roblox.


Vehicles are prone to flipping if driven down cliffs or otherwise smashed into an obstacle. Flipping the vehicle back up is hard if not impossible from there, so the player must respawn the vehicle on their land. Vehicles and their contents may also lag while the ferry or bridge are moving.

Cars and trailers are relatively easy to overload with loose items or wood, causing the contents to glitch and fall off the vehicle. This can happen for multiple reasons. When transporting a large number of items. When transporting large, buggy items such as Large Glass Panes. Or simply using a vehicle with a low carrying capacity, like the Small Trailer.

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