Wood is the main intended source of obtaining Money when sold at the Wood Dropoff, and is used to fill in Blueprints. There are currently twenty species of wood in the game, two being unobtainable and two only available seasonally.

There are two stages of wood: Log (unprocessed) and Plank (processed with the use of a sawmill). Both logs and planks can be processed in sawmills, however, planks will sell higher than its unprocessed stage. Logs will lose ownership if not interacted for a while, will not save to a player's base, and if left long enough, will eventually despawn. Planks will despawn upon the owner's leave if it was not on the owner's land.


It has 4 main traits:

  1. Value: The amount for which it will sell.
  2. Colors
  3. Thickness: How wide it is (determined by its trunk)
  4. Density: How hard it is to cut. It is determined as:
    • Paper (Lowest)
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Neutronium (Highest)

Wood Types

Here is a table of all of the wood's characteristics. For more information about a type of wood, go to its respective page.

Note: All plank prices in the table below have been experimentally proven by use of a perfect 1x1 auto-chopper.

Name Money/unit log Money/unit plank Plank Color / Material Thickness Density
Elm $0.75 Money $6 Money Light Orange :: Wood 2.5 units High
Walnut $1.2 Money $11 Money Reddish Brown :: Wood 2.5 units High
Cherry $1.3 Money $11 Money Dusty Rose :: Wood 1.6 units Medium
Snowglow $1.5 Money $10 Money New Yeller :: Smooth Plastic 2 units Medium
Pink* $1.5 Money $10 Money Hot Pink :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Oak $1.5 Money $10 Money Nougat :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Birch $2.25 Money $15 Money Mid grey :: Wood 1.6 units Medium
Koa $2.8 Money $26 Money Rust :: Wood 4 units High
Test* $3 Money $5.8 Money Nougat :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Fir $3.2 Money $18 Money Brick Yellow :: Wood 2.5 units High
Pine $3.2 Money $18 Money Brick Yellow :: Wood 2.5 units High
Lava $3.5 Money $28 Money Really red :: Wood 2.5 units High
Zombie $4.4 Money $30 Money Sea green :: Wood 2 units Medium
Cavecrawler $5.1 Money $35 Money Lapis :: Neon 3 units High
Palm $5.6 Money $32 Money Khaki :: Wood 2 units Low
Gold $5.7 Money $36 Money Br. yellowish orange :: Wood 2.5 units High
Frost $9 Money $106 Money Ocean blue :: Ice 2.5 units Medium
Spook** $19 Money $52 Money CGA Brown :: Granite 3.5 units Neutronium
Sinister** $25 Money $90 Money CGA Brown :: Neon 3.5 units Neutronium
Phantom $150 Money $420 Money Institutional white :: Foil 2.5 units High

* Not or no longer obtainable. ** Only obtainable seasonally.

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