Cavecrawler Wood, also known as Blue Wood, is wood type that grows exclusively in the Cavecrawler Cavern, within The Maze. It was added during the January Mega Update, along with the other features added in the update. 

It is mostly used for filling blueprints or selling and trading with other players due to its difficulty to obtain.


Its bark is blue in color and has a blue interior, however, slightly brighter than its bark, both textured with Neon. It grows and extends larger than most of the other wood in the game, and occasionally grows outside the cavern walls, revealing branches next to the Maze Ledge.

Unlike other wood types, the wood has no wood grain, due to it having the Neon material; its glow effect hides the joints and edges of the wood when on high graphics settings, making it difficult to estimate where you are cutting.

Many fully developed Cavecrawler logs cannot fit in any sawmills that are smaller than the Sawmax 02 due to its thickness.

This tree has the longest growth time in the game.


The wood is moderately difficult to chop, so it is recommended to use a Bird Axe if obtained, as it does the most damage on this wood. If not obtained, it is recommended to use a Rukiryaxe instead to chop it. A Sawmax 01's input hole usually satisfies most of the wood's branches, however, a Sawmax 02 is recommeded for milling its base.

Harvesting the wood is quite costly and time-consuming, as sailing across the Ocean costs $400 a trip and finding the right route to the cavern (it is recommended to read the Cavecrawler Cavern page for more information) takes an amount of time. As the wood is considered heavy, larger logs can disable a truck from going up steep inclines.

However, getting back the wood to the Main Biome is made a bit efficient, as having the hole within The Maze teleports players, loose items, and wood to the Safari Hole.

Its not recommended to attempt acquiring this wood on Private Servers due to its extremely long growth time.

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