The Changelog is a Menu tab which allows players to see changes implemented into the game. Some updates will not display in it, one instance might be that the server is old and not updated, whereas private servers are, or simply not put there as a secret, or even a hint to an update. Often updates will not be put here so the players can discover them, such as the Sawmax 02L being added and not being announced with a few bug fixes in a morning update.


To view the Changelog, the player must open the Menu and click its tab. If the player wishes to view older updates, they must click the "Next" button, which is located at the bottom-right corner. To view previous pages, the button side opposite to the Next button, "Back", must be clicked.

May 19th

> Fixed money display underneath core UI

Apr 27th

> Fix bug on mobile in which grab button stops appearing
> Auto teleport to base after loading

Apr 24th

> Exploit patches

Apr 23rd

> Only 50 blueprints per player may be placed at a time
> Exploit patches

Apr 20th

> Clock switch

Apr 17th

> Fixed donate text entry on mobile

Apr 16th

> Added headlight button for vehicles on mobile devices

Apr 15th

> Added money display outside of leaderboard
> Got rid of top bar
> Mobile support
> UI scaling for tiny screens
> Gamepad/xbox character controller replaced

Feb 2nd

> Fixed physics network ownership failing for objects in trailers
> Fixed bridge end times bug

Jan 5th

> Antiteleporting
> Fix vehicles welding to people
> Fix refrigerator and oven doors
> Added some gamepasses
> Added some new doors
> Added support for arrow key input for vehicles

Jul 24th

> Localization fixes

Jul 22nd

> Robux purchase returns increased x5

Jul 11th

> Spanish + Russian + Norwegian base localization

Jun 10th

> Neon wire tuned down

Jun 9th

> Money transfer fix
> Autosave fix
> Snow music fix
> Misc exploit fixes
> Lighting converted from legacy
> Glass update
> Sign text light influence
> Wood dropoff lighting
> Faster tree growth on startup
> No more asset loading on startup, server initialization time should be faster
> Volcano lighting update
> Interaction break fix

Apr 5th

> Floating fix

Jan 14th

> Money transfer failure reimbursement fix

Jan 12th

> Bird axe

Jan 7th

> Exploit patches
> Toboggan fly fix

Dec 4th

> Gifts added.

Oct 4th

> Candy is edible.

Oct 2nd

> Cannot buy money before loading a save slot.

Sept 28th

> Fixed amber axe loading

Sept 27th

> Added halloween items

Sept 3rd

> Torso mesh replacement

Aug 31st

> Potential fix for save wipes when player disconnects while loading.
> Duplication fix
> MaxSlope fix

Aug 13th

> Plank cross section freezing fix.

Aug 12th

> Possible rock freezing fix.

Aug 9th

> Tailgate fix.

Aug 4th

> More car torque tunings. Cars should decelerate less aggressively, wheels hold position when there is no driver.

Aug 3rd

> Car motors moved to HingeConstraints because RotateVs broke. May move back to RotateV if they get fixed and the old handling is preferred.
> Torque adjustments
> Rock bridge fix

Jun 27th

> Made large boxes lighter.

May 16th

> Fixed placement bug when user mouses over skybox.
> Extra slots

May 14th

> Server validation for button remotes

May 13th

> Patches
> Let's get icy
> Server check for placement on player property
> Move plot across from Land Store so that the far corner would not be in the hill

May 11th

> Higher friction on conveyor belts
> Network ownership fixes

May 10th

> Text rendering fix, fixed game freezing on startup.

Dec 4th

> Chop saw fix.

Dec 2nd

> Gifts.

Oct 4th

> Green pumpkin
> Specialmesh loose items fixed. Support for FileMeshes in unions was dropped, solution is ugly hack.

Sept 29th

> No donation caps.

Sept 23rd

> Added something.

July 31st

> Fixed sawmax 02L.
> Fixed an issue where player's structure saves would be wiped if the server crashed or is shutdown. This was happening because Roblox fixed the game.OnClose event, which was now causing a second save thread in addition to the autosave thread invoked when the player leaves the game (also fired when the server crashes). The second save thread would fail to collect any instances to save because the first thread already saved everything. If this affected you, complete the online form found at This form will be open for about a week.

Jul 28th

> Added sawmax 02L.

Apr 15th

> Fixed dynamite on trees.

Mar 11th

> Fixed saving issue for new players.

Mar 9th

> Patched a slot duplication remote exploit.

Mar 8th

> This morning due to a version controling issue and an update malfunction caused by nothing but my own neglegence, an update that was pushed caused the theming and mechanics from the Winter Event to return, but more harmfully, it caused everyone's money to save as $20,000,000 instead of their actual funds. The most efficient and least harmful to players way to address this is to revert the entire game state back 10 hours to before this update. Unfortuantely, if you made any progress in any server in the last 10 hours, regardless of if it was a broken server, that progress will be reverted. I know this is frustrating, and I'm deeply sorry. Contact me through Twitter if you lost any major progress during this time and I will try to help you.
> Changed grass back to correct shade of green.

Feb 15th

> Winter event
> Only 30 blueprints will save

Feb 5th

> Fixed sleigh stability issues

Jan 5th

> "Gray wood" blueprint structures won't save
> Patched Cheat Engine blueprint structure wood changing exploit

Dec 31st

> Whitelist/blacklist exploit fixes
> Wire permissions fix that should address activating dynamite using other people's wires.
> The saver will throw an error if you try to save with no data (money = 20, no land, no tools). Hopefully this will prevent accidental overwrites and possibly other forms of data lost

Dec 25th

> Fixed sleigh, fixed blue presents

Dec 24th

> Fixed buggy coniferous tree branch welding behavior on cutting. Let me know if you till see issues with this.

Dec 11th

> Made day cycle more stable
> Made bridge time consistent
> Improved lighting. Vehicle headlights in dark places should be usable now.
> Fixed a bug that would cause some player's bases to never load

Dec 9th

> Added gifts

Dec 5th

> Fixed bug preventing 2015 gifts from opening
> On item info GUI, brought item name forward to overlap with image

Dec 4th

> Extended 2015 gift code to work with more years

Nov 25th

> Added icicle lights

Nov 24th

> Added turkeys.

Nov 20th

> Patched structure placement exploit.
> Money transfer frequency throttle

Nov 17th

> Fixed hat welding issue associated with hat to accessory transition. Thanks TheGamer101 for finding the bug!

Oct 31th

> Happy Halloween!
> Fixed a clientside performance issue that occurs when you are blacklisted by other players

Oct 25th

> Axe name tooltip

Oct 5th

> Fixed axe dropping.

Oct 4th

> Fixed chop saw.

Oct 3rd

> Security updates.

Oct 1st

> Moved lighting dynamics to client
> Found a horrible infinite loop in the lighting updater, performance and connections may improve after this fix
> Patched an interaction permissions vulnerability
> Fixed unboxing bug
> Fixed tool dropping

Sept 25th

> Added 16 more wedges
> Blueprints are now organized instead of appearing in whatever order they were purchased in
> Blueprint category images
> Fixed Robux cost ZIndex on money purchase menu
> Fixed axe dropping

Sept 23rd

> Fixed bug in blueprint tool where all categories might not display if you did not have a blueprint in every category.
> Fixed tool bumper icon spacing on Xbox

Sept 12th

> Fixed changelog

Sept 11th

> Miscellaneous fixes

Aug 26th

> Added neon wire
> Fixed bug where when moving a wire and aborting the move, the wire will fail to reappear where it was
> Made the orange wires a little more orange

Aug 11th

> Moved trailer ball and socket joint from three concentric hinges and two dummy parts to a BallSocketContraint

Jun 21st

> Added music to logic store

Jun 20th

> Added logic store, newly featuring:
> NOT, AND, OR, XOR logic gates
> Laser and laser detector
> Wood detector
> Signal delay
> Signal sustain
> Hatch

Jun 17th

> Added straight switch conveyors
> Chop saw will now remain down when supplied with a constant signal from a wire

Jun 15th

> Wires, buttons, levers, and pressure plates released. Some behaviour nuances may be subject to change

Jun 14th

> Fixed fine art
> Removed beta axe
> Added silver axe
> Added chop saw

Jun 13th

> Fine art
> Vehicle sounds

Jun 12th

> Slight code refactor on buttons and levers in preparation

May 30th

> Patched a slot duplication exploit
> Possible duplication exploit fix
> Some sawmill code refactored, fixed some whole tree feeding bugs

May 29th

> Fixed traveling land bug with doors
> _xbox: Fixed bug where character rotation starts to fail after character death
> _xbox: Fixed character transparency bugs

May 28th

> Bases will not save on properties that have become unanchored (I have no idea how this happens)
> Fixed some slightly floating property baseplates

May 25th

> Axe duplication repatch
> Land overexpansion choke

May 19th

> Chat cleaned up, no buying multiple land slots.

Apr 27th

> Ferry freeloading fix

Apr 30th

> _xbox: fixed character rotation issue
> Little car issues fixed
> _xbox: Fixed bug where camera would detach from character on death

Apr 24th

> "Load / Save " changed to just "Load" to avoid misconception that users have to manually save
> Shortcut to load menu on enter notice

Apr 21st

> Fixed bug where saves with the Floor2Large blueprint would not load
> Fixed sloppy accidental explorer drag that broke everything

Apr 20th

> Other menus and BLueprint menu cannot be open at the sAme time
> Gamepad menu camera Zoom rEfix
> "Purchased" replaced with "Confirm" on load save selecTion
> Old Get/Set debug disabled
> Blueprints cannot be opened while moving structure
> Jumping and walking actions won't stick when gamepad focus s captured by a gui
> Fixed wood grain on flat floor tile blueprints

Mar 31st

> Free land exploit fix

Mar 30th

> _xbox: Vehicle stability fixes

Mar 23rd

> Fixed changelog
> Fixed changelog bug in which logs with an X text bound of exactly the page width would bug and occupy the entire page
> _xbox: QA GUI updates: save/load menus, whitelist, blacklist, changelog, send money, credits > Fixed a duplication exploit

Mar 17th

> Fixed Bob's wood grain

Mar 11th

> Fixed dropping tools
> Tool handles noncollidable
> Fixed a money transfer issue

Mar 10th

> Duplication fixes

Mar 6th

> Potentially fixed issue that might cause an autosave while loading to clear a save slot.
> Seats won't kill you.

Mar 2nd

> _xbox: opening menu while chatting and then closing menu will not cause you to get stuck
> Aux function functionality for user notices: Money upsell

Mar 1st

> Fixed whitelist gui issue
> _xbox: Icons organized and refactored. New icons and fixes.

Feb 22nd

> Snow boulders fixed

Feb 16th

> Slots will save in the event of a server shutdown
> Finally fixed character rotation on axe chop
> _xbox: fixed reticle distance feedback with axes
> _xbox: fixed reticle illuminating for anchored trees
> _xbox: fixed camera not reattaching to character on death
> Improved onboarding with tree chopping: added a tree chop notice and delayed the timber notice until the tree actually falls
> No overlapping GUIs if dragging an object while in range of a dialog character

Feb 12th

> Fixed axes in backpack not saving on game exit

Feb 11th

> Misc duplications fixes

Feb 3rd

> Possible ferry vehicle reliablity improvement

Feb 1st

> Blacklist crashing should be fixed
> Backpack capacity

Jan 31st

> Volcano boulders fix

Jan 30th

> Experimenting with new physicsal properties. Tell me if you find any ususual physics behavior that wasn't occuring before.
> New physical properties didn't go well at all- REVERT REVERT
> Okay I think the whole physical properties thing is figured out. Behavior should be almost unchanged.

Jan 27th

> Vehicles will no longer claim network ownership of other vehicles. You won't be able to carry other trucks in your truck anymore, but this should alleviate issues with whitelisted friends driving near each other and ferry bugging when traveling with whitelisted friends.

Jan 26th

> Fixed Hoover being unresponsive
> Fixed Ferry never moving on server startup
> Vehicles will now generally not bug out upon docking with the ferry

Jan 25th

> New region
> Ferry
> Trailer boat fix

Jan 22nd

> Patched slot duplication exploit
> Islands sloped out
> Trees added to islands

Jan 13th

>Fixed bug where character would freeze after getting up. I think this one was ROBLOX's fault. I still have no idea what caused it.

Jan 12th

> Various duplication patched
> Fixed bug where sawmills could cut entire trees if on top of the sawmill

Jan 9th

> Money transfer system revised
> Fixed text clipping on red balls

Jan 6th

> Fixed bug where characters would not float after dying
> Fixed bug that allowed you to place structures outside of your land

Jan 2nd

> Fixed log abandon bug

Dec 29th

> Fixed bug where cut planks would be treated as logs and not save with the player's property (thanks sulz9523 for the detail repor)
> Fixed bug the blueprint tool would go away if your character dies (blueprints were not lost, the tool was just not accessible)
> Patched object duplication exploit involving whitelisting and reloading
> I forgot a parenthesis in an important place and it broke a lot of things. Sorry. :( Fixed now.

Dec 28th

> Fixed issue where plots would persist in a server if the owning player left the game while loading
> Fixed GUIs resetting on respawn

Dec 25th

> Gifts are off shelves and openable

Dec 24th

> Patched duplication exploit

Dec 17th

> Gift added to stores

Dec 14th

> Fixed broken cars

Dec 13th

> Patched an assortment of issues relating to things breaking when the character dies
> Patched bug where tools couldn't be dropped

Dec 10th

> Decreased save time by ~85% for larger bases

Dec 8th

> Decreased autosave frequency to help aleviate strain in servers with large data slots. Data still autosaves on exit.

Nov 30th

> Fixed another ownerstring issue that could cause abandoned wood to not be interactable with again

Nov 26th

> Fixed loose Y in land store sign. Used stronger glue.
> Attemping to reload a slot within the 60 second timer constraint will not clear your save slot
> Fixed bug where logs could not be interacted with if the owning player abandoned the log, but the log ownership would be released when the original owner left the game
> Fixed flying with conifers

Nov 25th

> Flipped overwrite "Confirm" and "Back" buttons so that when entering the prompt, a user's mouse is default over the back button rather than confirm

Nov 24th

> Replaced placeholder land store sign

Nov 21st

> Fixed bug in which logs abandoned by players who left the game could not be interacted with again
> Patched duplication exploit involving a sequence of reloading and driving between whitelisted properties
> Patched tool duplication exploit involving resetting character and leaving

Nov 19th

> Fixed bug in which abandoned logs could not be interacted with again

Nov 17th

> Returned swimming bodymovers to fix bug in which characters swam too high and would not lose health

Nov 16th

> Sold out
> Fixed permissions for exiting players

Nov 15th

> Fixed bug where autosave did not work on player exit

Nov 14th

> Potentially fixed save slot overwrite issue

Nov 13th

> Item cleanup now is linked to saved instances for manual reload

Nov 6th

> Body movers retuned for physics update.

Nov 5th

> Fixed squished image on reloaded hatchet box.
> Updated surf check
> Updated sawmill cut regions
> No interaction during save/load
> Sawmills will no longer round up shortie planks Y dimension
> Removed hacky gamepad custom scrolling; core tool selection deprecates it

Oct 15th

> Cherry meadow was fixed in some recent update; fixed now.

Oct 14th

> Patched log wall-climb
> Basic glass door

Oct 12th

> Addressed whitelist clientside exploit
> No whitelist permissions during save/load
> Blacklist server cross-check
> Fixed dynamite duplication

Oct 11th

> Pumpkins
> Spook

Sept 12th

> Made ground thicker at wood dropoff
> Streamlined moderation

Sept 9th

> Network owner of wood sweeper moving parts is now set to server; should fix most power issues
> Security patches

Sept 8th

> QA13: confidential
> Patched slot resetting which allowed a save duplication exploit and also interrupted the autosave sycle and could have lead to data loss

Sept 7th

> Fixed bug in which data could be corrupted by overwriting with a blank save if metadata doesn't load correctly on startup
> Kick logging

Sept 6th

> Added pcall to catch, destroy, and reporte erred trees to see if that will resolve the tree growing issue
> Coupled trailer force on wheels to make them easier to drag
> Fixed bug in which not all property expansion options would be available
> Fixed bug in which a whitelisted player's vehicles can save and not be removed if upturned
> Updated error reporting

Sept 5th

> Security patches
> Fixed bug where menu button dissapears when opening the menu after a slot is loaded.
> OnClose callback is skipped for servers that self shutdown when assets fail to load
> Fixed issue where money would frequently save as 20 rather than actual money value

Sept 4th

> For loaded loose items, networ ownership now is set to server
> Spawned vehicles network ownership is set to server on unanchor
> Bridge movement is smoother
> Mulitple blueprints can be placed in a consecutively without going back to the blueprint window
> 351 Hauler
> Ensured that when a player gets up from a vehicle, network ownership of it's content is reset to server synchronously by remotely requesting ownership of bed items in batches all at once rather than invidividually per item. This should do a lot to fix vehicle bugging when players get up
> Hitched trailers are no longer draggable
> Fixed issue where worklights would not update saved position after one save

Sept 3rd

> Fixed blueprints progress not showing
> Increased loose wood despawn time from 4 minutes to 12.5 minutes
> Network ownership for loaded planks are set to server
> Changed the order of operations when loading a slot while another slot is currently loaded. Now loading one slot implies cleanup of the current slot before the new slot is loaded. If the save of the current slot fails, load is aborted. If the save is successful but load is aborted by player the player is left without a slot loaded. This prevents a duplication exploit and maybe address issues with data loss on exit.
> Changed wording from "Save and reload slot" and "Save and load slot" to "Reload slot" and "Load slot" respectively. This discourages the unnecessary practice of manually saving before exiting

Sept 2nd

> Admin save versioning
> Fixed bug with trailers and whitelists that could break trailer hitching
> Added remote selective server shutdown to clean up old servers when necessary
> Added particles and velocity to tools that drop on death
> Fixed issue where blueprints with progress between 99.5% and 100% would show 100% progress

Sept 1st

> Fixed game-breaking sawmill bug related to last update
> Increased wood abandonement and despawn time values
> Fixed bridge prices
> Made exterior lights brighter
> Fixed bug that would crash the client if a loop of trailers is made
> Added more error readouts to loading

Aug 31st

> Milled planks are forced server ownership instead of defaulting to auto

Aug 30th

> Server will shut itself down if server initialization fails(takes more than 8 minutes)
> Decreased elasticity on wheels and wood
> Swamp ADA
> Grow interval for all trees except common increased
> Made pine trees softer
> Sound level for plains music brought way down
> Patched an item duplication exploit for the second time
> Notice appears when a purchase fails telling a user they can help Defaultio make some holla dollas

Aug 29th

> Made wheel center return speed double wheel turn speed
> Made land $2,000 cheaper per num plots
> Dropped vehicle respawn cost from 6% to 2%
> Fixed a land sign bug
> Reduced autosave frequency
> Optimized magnitude checks in loose wood management
> Ruhven now correctly shows your where your land is when you ask him
> Lots of players were missing the cars; made box more noticable in Wood R Us
> Adjusted dragger BodyGyro paramenters to help with disappearing/flinging logs
> Structures that somehow lost ownership will be savable
> Tools will be kept if a player dies above 500 studs
> Metadata is not retreived immediately on player entrance. This may resolve data loss when players quickly switch between servers
> Fixed issue where onboarding would not show for users who had reset
> Added notice that aborted structures have been placed back into their box
> Potentially fixed issue where time of day gets stuck?

Aug 28th

> Added three thumbnails/icon
> Removed Alpha Axe of Testing from Wood R Us
> Added Beta Axe
> Added swamp
> Swamp accessibility
> Two new trees
> Fixed two new trees
> Fixed issue in which loose items would not clean up for players without land and ownership of loose items would be lost in some teamwork scenarios

Aug 27th

> Fixed issue where menu was accessible during server initializing on gamepad
> QA5: Gamepad/pc selection prompt will not show during server initialization
> QA7: Increased onboarding icon sizes
> QA9: Increased sizes of various buttons; mostly close
> QA10: Backpack bumpers for gamepad are displayed larger
> QA16: Credits and changelog are displayed larger
> Slightly buffed level 1 & 2 axes damage
> Added hardened axe

Aug 27th

>Fixed issue where metadata would not refresh if a player left and rejoined a server

Aug 21st

> No mouseover check for vehicles
> Menu select icon appears immediately when gamepad is activated
> Fixed issue where you could not walk if holding a item after exiting a vehicle on gamepad
> Added character to axe swing target filter
> Duplicate blueprints won't be added to collection
> The P / D scaling update was rolled back, values readjusted accordingly
> Fixed Bob's dialog

Aug 20th

> P / D value reduced 1/19 to compensate for scaling factor change between solvers
> If a gamepad controller is plugged in, using it is optional
> Converted all mouse.Hit and mouse.Target calls to use Camera:ViewportPointToRay. This fixed targeting issues with gamepad that were dependent on mouse locking center
> Fixed issues where plots could not be loaded and vehicles could not be driven when using gamepad

Aug 19th

> Hitch connection instances now receive network ownership
> Added blocks to aid with placement

Aug 18th

> Fixed a hilarious bug in which cars would only spawn hot pink
> Trees now clean up when saves are loaded on top of them
> Player loading frequency is now throttled
> Universal debounce for tools
> Added credits
> Added "added credits" to the changelog
> Fixed a potential stability issue with level 3 trucks
> Music does not play in stores after hours
> Increased blueprint region check part count from 20 to 100
> Physics ownership will no longer be reduntantly applied to vehicles. This maybe fix trailer physics
> Now assinging network ownership to vehicle wheels; they were apparently not a part of the assembly
> Changed the glass model to aid placement

Aug 17th

> Fixed vehicle breaking bug in which ownership of vehicle was forced to the server rather than the client.
> Fixed seat weld offset so character position is reasonable
> Added new truck
> Nerfed vehicle respawn cost by 1 / 2 while because physics bug
> Adjusted log sale values to 50% and plank sale values to 250% of previous values
> Found a dynamite bug, don't know what is causing it.
> "ButtonRemote_".. converted to BindableEvents and proxied through a single remote to allow future easy server integration to arbitray buttons
> Vehicle bed CFrame offsets were backwards and are now corrected
> Material support for blueprints
> Added new vehicle bed region3 check debugging
> Fixed bug where a vehicle would occasionally not claim ownership of all wood in its bed. This will improve vehicle instability overall; as a single item in a truck without client network ownership can wreck it up bad
> Added welcome prompt for returning users with instructions on how to load progress
> Fixed bug where tool handle network ownership could be set
> Decreased friction on walls of switch to help with clogs
> Fixed a bug in which land purchasing hotkeys would stay active while chatting
> Cars now persist colors between loads
> Both pine trees have been nerfed slightly in size and value

Aug 16th

> Network ownership is now dropped and forced to server immediately after an interaction ends as opposed to persisting for a player as long as they are in proximity of the part. This maybe fix conflictions with teams loading wood into beds.
> Updated network ownership debug to show requests as brickcolor and owner as selectionBox color3
> Increased opening vertical dimension of Sawmax 02
> Dynamite will not detonate if other players approach it during the fuse

Aug 15th

> Added changelog
> Fixed dragger breaking bug where drag prompt would show for tools in other players hands
> Shop items that players return to shelves now regenerate and drop ownership
> "You need to own land" confirmation from Thom now shows for vehicles
> Changed color of birch so it's not the same as oak
> Removed thumbnail cameras from inserted models
> Added glass panes: 1 x 1, 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x
> Added small lamp
> Added headlights to vehicles

Aug 14th

> If players characters are killed by phsyics issues (characters are destroyed), tools will persist on next respawn
> Whitelising fixed for hitching trailers
> Fixed issue where trailers would not despawn on player exit
> Network ownership added for dragging trailers
> Shop items are CFramed instead of moved, fixing box jumping mostly
> Added walnut

Aug 13th

> Double "open" door prompt fixed
> Hat cleanup
> Corner conveyors and switch conveyors now correctly encode
> Conveyor supports have larger placement blocks
> Characters are transparent instead of unparented on server startup, fixing character duplication

Aug 12th

> Fixed bug where entire trees could be fed into sawmills at once
> Fixed car store

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