The Chop Saw is an item that can be purchased from Wood R Us for $12,200 Money. It is a free-standing saw that allows players to chop logs and planks into smaller pieces so they can fit through Sawmills.


The Chop Saw is great for chopping oversized wood like Koa Wood and Pine Wood and will fix most of the problems for Lava Wood. It can cut any wood besides Phantom Wood, which can only be cut by the End Times Axe. The Chop Saw can be wired to any power source such as a Lever, Button, and more so that it can be controlled at a distance. Chop Saws can also be used as traps, as they have the capability to kill players. This is not recommended though. It is also useful for making pieces of wood that fit Blueprints, so they do not waste unnecessary wood on them.

When the blade of the chop saw touches a piece of wood, log or plank, it will make a cut where the blade is touching the wood, and can cut a average piece of Elm Wood in about three to five seconds. Some players use markers made of wood (a brightly-coloured wood would be ideal for this) to show where the saw will cut, allowing more precise cuts.


This item works best stacked on two small floors above the ground or a table, not glitching the log out by crushing it. An alternative to this method is to put it between wedges upside-down so that logs are under constant pressure by the wedges. Having multiple Chop Saws next to each other allows players to create a Treefetti Machine. Note that Treefetti Machine causes lag, so one should leave if they do intend to create one.

When using it to chop Sinister and Spook Wood and rarely with Koa, there sometimes can be not enough time to chop an log in half when using the time of two Signal Delays set to the max time, assuming the player is using a button to power their chop saw. This is because these species of wood are extremely thick. Some thick wood, like Elm, can cause some lag in the server.

For cutting down Sinister and Spook Wood, another good tip to prevent them from glitching out as they are very thick in size, is to place the Chop Saw on two Large Floor Tiles. This is because the thickness of the bark reaches the Saw part of the Chop Saw phases through the wood while the rest, which the bark reaches, is not, causing it to glitch when it lowers down on the wood. Doing this will cause it to not glitch due to the other parts of the Chop Saw becoming unreachable for it.

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