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2015 Christmas Event

The 2015 Christmas Event was the first Christmas event for LT2 and introduced four new gifts to the game. These gifts were the Fiery Gift of Lumber (contains the Fire Axe), the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty (contains the Wobblebobble), the Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob (contains the Lump of Coal), and the Happy Red Gift of Fun (contains the Red Ball).

2016 Christmas Event

The 2016 Christmas Event added a lot more content when compared to the 2015 Christmas Event, as there were not five, but nine new items that were introduced during this event. Four different variants of Icicle Lights, which have been on sale since then. The gifts are the BIG GIFT (contains the Numbered Cube), the Sweet Gift (contains the Candy Cane Axe), the Happy Blue Gift of Fun (contains the Blue Ball), the Jingly Gift of Jingles (contains the Sleigh), the Acceptable Gift from Bob (contains the Spork), and the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty (contains the Wobblierbobblier).

2017 Christmas Event

The 2017 Christmas Event reintroduced some similar items that were previously added in past Christmas Events. The Joyful Green Gift of High Quality Charm (contains the Green Ball), the Wobbly Gift of High Confidence, (contains a re-texture of the Wobblebobble, the Bobbily Wobbily), The Gift of Great Times, (contains the CHICKEN AXE), and The Golden Gift Of Golden Times, (contains the Golden Toilet, a retexture of the Toilet), and the Modern Gift (contains a painting named 06 In Full Context). Currently, this was the only Christmas event that had no gifts available at Bob's Shack. During this year, the ''Mah Bucket's'' Beesmas 2017 Event: Nuts N Bolts was also introduced to Lumber Tycoon 2, rewarding the Beesaxe.

2018 Christmas Event

The 2018 Christmas Event had the most gifts of all time, with 10 gifts, excluding exclusive ''Mah Bucket's'' Beesmas 2018 Event: The Gift of Bees gifts. All of the gifts were created by the community. The gifts available for purchase during this time were Cold and Wet and Lumpy Gift from Bob (contains the Ball of Snow), Duck Shaped Gift (contains the Quackert), Gift of Adventure (contains the Toboggan), Gift with Candy Cane Stripes (contains Just a Candy Cane), Gingerbread Gift (contains the Gingerbread Axe), Orange Gift of Traffic Control and Corporate Power (contains the Cone), Round and Flat Gift (contains the Plate), Warm Gift of Love and Safety (contains the Mug of Cocoa), and also released on the same day, the Wobbly Gift Of Low Confidence (contains the Wobilee Bobilee). Also, Defaultio added the Very Plum Gift (contains the Plum Ball) 2 days after all other gifts were released. It added up the total count of 2018 gifts to 10. Like previous years, all gifts could only be opened after December 25th. During this year, the Beesmas event also returned to Lumber Tycoon 2, rewarding The Many Axe and Scoobi​s.

2019 Christmas Event

The 2019 Christmas Event was likely a bugged release, as the Daisy Gift and Wobbly Gift of Mostly Teal were released early on December 1st and had the wrong descriptions and names. The remainder of the gifts were shortly released on December 2nd, along with fixing the Daisy Gift and Wobbly Gift of Mostly Teal. The gifts during this time included the Daisy Gift (contains the Ball of Daisy), the Wobbly Gift of Mostly Teal (contains the Wolliby Bolliwy), the Burnt Gift (contains the Burnt Painting), the Gift of Good Health (contains the Bowl), the Gift of Unhealthy Diets (contains the Burger Cola), and the Old Gift of Oxidation (contains the Rusty Axe)

2020 Christmas Event

The 2020 Christmas Event began on December 1st when three gifts were added to the game: the Spooky Deep Earth Gift (contains the Cave Axe) at Wood R Us and the Fabulous Gift (contains the Bollily Wollolily) and the Teal Gift (contains the Ball of Teal), at Fancy Furnishings. Another gift was added on December 7th, the Gift with Green Candy Cane Stripes (contains the Just a Green Candy Cane) at Wood R Us. On December 13th, the Gift of Good Preparedness (contains the Spare Tire), was added at Boxed Cars. Later on December 19th the Gift of Tremendously Important Knowledge (contains the Hatchet (Book)), can be found at Bob's Shack.