The Cold and Wet and Lumpy Gift from Bob is a gift that could be purchased from Bob's Shack for $10,000 Money as part of the Christmas 2018 Event. This gift was sold at the same price as the Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob. Once opened, it reveals a Ball of Snow which is identical to the Lump of Coal but is white in color, and larger. The snowball can also melt (become smaller) when placed in the volcano.


It has different shades of blue as its wrapping paper, patterned with blue snowflakes, forming spirals. It also has a dark blue ribbon wrapped on all sides of it with a small same colored bow on top. It is the same size as the Gift with Candy Cane Stripes and the Very Plum Gift

This gift was modelled off of The Coolest Gift, a Roblox item from 2012 Giftsplosion.

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