Conveyors are structures that slowly transport items such as logs, planks, loose items, and boxed items when on contact on its top side. All of its variations are purchasable at Wood R Us. Most conveyors also have a small yellow knob on the side to toggle its direction of transportation that can be toggled either by hand or connected with logic structures.

Item Image Item Name Cost
Straight Conveyor $80 "Move stuff to where it needs to be."
Tilted Conveyor
Tilted Conveyor $95 "Give your conveyors a boost."
Funnel Conveyor $60 "Makes it easier to drop wood onto a conveyor."
Tight Turn Conveyor $100 "Turn tightly."
Switch Conveyor $320 "Send your stuff where it needs to go."
Wood Sweeper $430  "Pushes long pieces of wood sideways so they can stack nicely."
Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 5.56.10 PM
Straight Conveyor Switch Left $480  "Use this to redirect wood from a straight path."
Straight Conveyor Right Switch
Straight Conveyor Switch Right $480  "Use this to redirect wood from a straight path."
Conveyor Supports $12  "Get your conveyors in the air."
Turn Conveyor Supports $20 "Get your turn conveyors in the air."


A glitch that occurs involving items getting stuck, flung out, or clipped underground for no possible reason can happen rarely. The yellow prongs on the Wood Sweeper are prone to glitching out, which may cause wood to fling or disappear when in contact with it. It is impossible to get balls of any color, to move up Tilted Conveyors without contact from other loose items.

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