The Cursed Pumpkin is an item that could be purchased from Bob's Shack for $524 Money. It was released on September 26th, 2018, as a part of the 2018 Halloween Event. This was the 4th pumpkin to be released in the game, being a "repaint" of the others.


It is identical to its 3 predecessors, the Pumpkin, the Dark Pumpkin, and the Strange Pumpkin, aside from their color and glow. This one has been re-colored as a bright crimson. The price was unexpectedly raised from $24 to $524 Money, likely due to a 'slip of the fingers' and missing the number 5. The box is completely black with its decal on the front and back. The Cursed Pumpkin glows a vibrant red, making it useful item for spooky lighting and decoration. Other than decoration, these pumpkins can be used as a light source in dark places, though rather expensive.

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