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Defaultio (DEE-fahl-tee-oh), aka Josh Sheldon, is the creator of Lumber Tycoon 2 and its prequel, Lumber Tycoon. Defaultio created his account on Roblox on October 22nd, 2008; has around 800M+ place visits, 135 friends, 178k+ followers, and follows 0 users. He currently has 51 places/games, and Lifetime Premium.

Josh joined Roblox in October 2007 on an account named Yellowpig4. He created a number of games under this account, his first successful game Feed the Grinder, and most successful Become a Cyborg. After a year and about a million visits. He moved to a new account he named "Defaultio"

On the day of his account creation, he began developing Lumber Tycoon, which would become his first majorly successful game on the account. In an official Roblox video, Defaultio states that the idea for Lumber Tycoon was inspired by his mother's idea, and never knew it would be popular. He has created a number of other games which have been favored by players, including The Wild West, Coaster Creator, Mining Tycoon, CONE, and Metalworks Sandbox Demo. He is currently working on an unnamed project which most of his fanbase refer to as "test2" or "Projoot.

One of his games, Belmont Mountain, was selected by Roblox to be one of the hosting places for the 2011 Roblox Present Giveaway. In this event, players would need to collect certain badges in order to obtain the 8-Bit Gift of Gaming and the 16-bit Gift of Powergaming. At Belmont Mountain, players would need to climb all the way to the top of the mountain to obtain the badge, which proved to be somewhat difficult.[1]

Developing Games

Defaultio has shown to prefer developing his games without the assistance of other users. He has expressed this when he explained his intent to keep collaboration to a minimum due to the difficulty and pressure of managing others, while trying to keep a balance of work and being happy with said work.[2]

Despite this intent, Defaultio has collaborated with other users to create games. One of these was during RDC 2018, where he collaborated with Crykee, nsgriff, Quenty, and Biostream to create Blast Hook. Another game he has collaborated with was BIRD.

Defaultio has shown discontent with his work being copied and redistributed. However, he has allowed players to create an updated version of his previous games that have shown to have broken scripts, to the point the game is virtually unplayable. Currently known game that this has happened to is Mining Tycoon.

Josh Sheldon

When not on Roblox, Defaultio goes by his real name; Josh Sheldon. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2018, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. His hobbies include photography, building, programming, and rock climbing. He has expressed future career ambitions of working with special effects.

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