The Den, also known as the Eagle Hideout is a hidden cave found beneath the Taiga where the Rukiryaxe or End Times Axe quest takes place.


It is a rectangular-shaped area that can only be accessed via a hatch hidden in the snow, and also functions as an exit that includes wooden planks that act as ladders. It contains many wooden barrels and crates, flaming torches, chairs, and crates that are used as the table for the Den members (Gusmanak, ZolarKeth, and Rukiryo).

The members are found sitting on Fir/Pine chairs, and cannot be interacted with. Behind ZolarKeth is a large, grey eagle.

The table contains Plates and Sporks, for each member and one for the player as well. On the ceiling directly above the table is a square hole, which spawns the Rukiryaxe (or End Times Axe if on Halloween) when conditions are met. A fluorescent lamp can be found next to the hole not lit up. It is possible to climb up the hole by making a tower of items/logs and climbing up the wall using a log. There is nothing above the Den.

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