The Dishwasher is an item that can be bought from Fancy Furnishings for $380 Money.


This item comes in a boxed state. Once unboxed, it becomes a structure that can be placed on your land. To place it, one must press 'E' to open the box and press 'E' again to place it on your land.

This item is white in color, with a light shade of gray near the handle outlining the structure. The handle is black. This item is an interact-able object once placed. The door to the dishwasher can be opened by pressing 'E' when prompted. When opened, there is a small area behind the door, this area is small in height and in width. Usually, this item is used to store smaller Axes or unboxed Dynamite.


To buy this item, the player must navigate to the bridge, talk to Seranok, and pay him $100 to lower the bridge. Then, the player must keep moving forward and make a right. This will bring them into the Safari Shopping District, consisting of two stores: Fancy Furnishings and Boxed Cars. The player must go into Fancy Furnishings, which opens at dawn and closes at dusk. The player must then go to the first big shelf to their right when they enter the shop. Next, the player must pick up the dishwasher box and drag it to the counter. Finally, talk to Corey, the store owner, and click 'Yes' to buy the item.

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