Easy Building, also called The Power and occasionally Creative Mode, is a feature added on September 23rd, 2017, along with the rest of the Lost Cave, and is obtainable for $10,009,000 Money from the Strange Man, who is located within the Lost Cave. For an unknown reason, the feature gives the player's Land a green tinge as an indicator showing the player who owns this power. Along with owners of the gamepass, Super Blueprint , the player's blueprint manager will be yellow instead of the regular blue, though, this may just be a glitch along with the gamepass update.

A dispute over this feature currently persists; some say that it disrupts the point of the game and that most people will unfairly have it (as legitimate owners of $10,009,000 Money are not common). On the other hand, some say that it is a completely fair feature and makes the game more enjoyable.

The idea of this feature was suggested to Defaultio by ImaFlyNmidget.


To obtain Easy Building, the player must first go within the Lost Cave. Then, the player must locate the Strange Man, and enter his dialogue, where he will ask the player if they want the "power to build with ease". The player must ensure that they have $10,009,000 Money, and when confirmed, accept the offer given by the Strange Man.

When first receiving the power, the player will be surrounded by a multicolored aura and pinwheel particles with a strange, thunder sound effect.


Easy Building changes the amount of wood required for any blueprint to only 1 unit. For example, a Basic Door requires 15 units of wood for it to be filled. If the player has Easy Building, they will only need a 1-unit plank to fill the Basic Door blueprint.

The effect is applied on the wood, not the blueprints, so if a player were to use 1 unit of wood that is owned by a player with Easy Building to complete a blueprint on the land of a person without Easy Building, the blueprint would be completed.


A player without Easy Building has a slightly different color baseplate than one with it. A starting player will have a brown base, similar to the color of an oak log, while a player with Easy Building will have a more golden one.

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