The Eerie Skull, often called simply the Skull, was an in-game item that was going to be released as a part of the 2016 Halloween Event, along with the Dark Pumpkin and the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye. It was released early into the game files, a mistake that was taken advantage of and exploited into the game. This caused it to be removed permanently.


Prior to the skull's release, exploiters were able to insert this item into the game. Unfortunately, Defaultio removed the skull from the game files and disregarded its implementation to the game due to this. However, the already-exploited skulls remained within the game. Shortly after, the item grew in quantity due to duplication bugs and every existing instance of the Eerie Skull was eliminated from the game. All available skulls disappeared from the game. If one were to somehow own a skull, they would subsequently be banned.

This item would most likely have been sold at Bob's Shack. The box had a unique texture, similar to the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye's box. The item didn't really serve any purpose, and the true function of this object still remains a mystery. It is unknown whether this item will be reintroduced in a future update. This item's box texture is the same material that Bob's Shack uses.

Current Purpose

It doesn't have a true purpose and however, it is what is known as "hacker-bait". Due to people exploiting skulls onto their bases, Defaultio added a script to the skull that would essentially ban anyone who had an Eerie Skull save on their base. It is extremely unlikely that the Eerie Skull will ever return due to its history.


The Eerie Skull is a brown skull featuring a set of teeth, eye sockets, and nostrils. The face appears to be expressing anger. The box of the Eerie Skull is small with the skull decal on the front and back. The box has the same wooden material as the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye's box.

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