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The End Times Axe is one of two craftable axes in-game, the other being the Rukiryaxe, having the same process needed, with the exception being that it must be crafted on Halloween Day. It has a slower cooldown than Rukiryaxe, however, it boasts higher damage than the Rukiryaxe. Notably, it is the only axe that can chop Phantom Wood. This axe was first introduced during the End Times Update and has no legitimately obtainable box.


All of the handle and most of its head is black, with the head containing a few dark purple circular spots. The box has a dark-grey color, with red bold letters that display "I CHEATED FOR THIS BOX". Before this design, however, it was pure grey.


The End Times Axe's box was not meant to be obtained for players and was only found on Defaultio's land. Some players had obtained it when someone had found a moderation bug and began duplicating the box. Defaultio was notified of this and proceeded to punish those who had the forbidden box, making the box's design what it is today. A similar design is also seen on Rukiryaxe and Beesaxe boxes.


The player must obtain these required items for the quest:

After obtaining all these items, one must proceed to do the following:

  1. Head to the Taiga.
    • The Taiga can be accessed by going through the biome opening which can be easily spotted by going east at the start of the Mountainside. It is blocked by cubic boulders, which could be destroyed using Dynamite. Locate the red eagle symbol.
      • The symbol can be found near the south-east corner of the Taiga. Note that it has a faint appearance, which means it can not be fully-visible when viewed afar.
  2. Put the required items inside the hatch.
    • The hatch which leads to the Den can be easily located by hovering around the snow below the eagle symbol. Or, position the camera angle beneath the snow so the hatch will be visible.
  3. Place the correct items on the plate of the correct person.
    • As the Rukiryaxe Posters hints, Rukiryo, who is on the right side of the table, eats the LightbulbZolarKeth, who is on the head of the table, eats the Bag of Sand. And Gusmanak, who is on the left side, eats the Can of Worms. When these steps are completed after following the hints, the axe will float down the hole of the ceiling and gently land at the center of the table, with heavenly music playing.
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