Event Prizes are Roblox accessories which can be obtained after completing a specific task in Lumber Tycoon 2. So far, there are only three wearable accessories obtainable through Lumber Tycoon 2 during an event. They are listed below in the following order of appearance:

The Good Sunglasses

The Good Sunglasses were rewarded to the player if they were able to find these glasses hidden in three random spots throughout Lumberland during the Disney Pixar "The Good Dinosaur" Event during November 2015.

The sunglasses are black with dark blue lenses reading the words "Disney PIXAR THE GOOD DINOSAUR".


Baby Bao

The Baby Bao accessory was obtainable during the DreamWorks ''Kung Fu Panda 3'' Event during January of 2016.

To obtain the accessory, you had to search around random spots in Lumberland. The Baby Bao accessory share some of the spawn spots of The Good Sunglasses.

Baby Bao.png


The Skiipack was an item obtainable through Roblox's "Winter Games 2017" Event during February 2017.

To obtain the accessory, one must chop Snowglow Wood and deposit it into the Snowglow Bin on the side of the Winter Cabin until the bin's gauge moved fully to the right side.

Its design comprises what seems to be a "medium blue" background with "bright bluish violet" stripes and white snowflakes placed in random positions.

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