Acacia Wood is a type of wood that grows in the Fanon:Savannah Woodland very commonly.


The Acacia Wood is very large in size, it can go up to the same size as Cavecrawler Wood But rarely. It has very similair leaves as Palm Wood but being very thin

The Bark's colour is Cool Yellow with the material being Concrete, for the plank the colour is CGA Brown with a very light colour with the material being Wood and lastly for the leaves the colour its Mint and the material being Grass


Acacia Wood is fairly easy to chop, its durability consists as the same durability of Birch Wood, It is recommended to cut this tree with the use of the Gingerbread Axe because it deals great damage to Acacia Wood specifically.

Its log sells for 8$ and for its plank it sells for 23$


To get to the Acacia Trees and harvest them you must follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Safari (you need about 200 money to pay for the bridge two times if you're taking long and harvesting a lot)
  2. Go forward untill you find Bob's Shack
  3. There you will see a passage that leads to the Fanon:Savannah Woodland
  4. Harvest the trees and take as much as you want (Val's All-Purpose Hauler is recommended to get a good amount of the trees)

Thats all you need! Good luck!

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