The Bamboo Wood is a common wood that only spawns in the Beach located in the Tropics and it is able to spawn in groups of up to 8. And may be near the docks of the tropics.


The Bamboo Wood grows very fast, about the same speed as the Cherry Wood, it is recommended to only get this wood if you are very new as the Koa Wood is available in the Tropics and gives you more money when sold as a plank (the only problem being it is very thick which requires an upgraded sawmill).

The Bamboo Wood also has a very short growth time of 2 minutes, allowing players to easily obtain Bamboo Wood in the Tropics. Furthermore, the Bamboo Wood has a density of Low which means it is quite weak and also gives a small amount of money.

When cut, the Bamboo Wood's branch and nodes will fall out, only leaving the green part to mill into planks.


The Bamboo Wood has a bright green exterior, - similar to the Zombie Wood - with the interior and the plank being a dark green color. It includes nodes that are greyish; it also contains a branch growing out of the side of it with leaves on the top end.

It grows very short, being about 3-8 studs maximum; including a thickness of 1.2 (the lowest thickness).


The Bamboo Wood is rather easy to collect, as all you need is at least any axe except the Candy Cane Axe and 800 Money for the tickets to go to and from the Tropics.

  • Go to the Tropics (use the Ferry and buy a ticket).
  • Wait till you reach the Tropics and drive your vehicle out of the Ferry.
  • Go to the beach (the sand near the Ocean)
  • Harvest the Bamboo Wood using any axe.
  • Go back to the Ferry and buy a ticket to go back to the Main Biome.
  • Sell the wood at the Wood Dropoff or use it for your builds if you prefer.

The Bamboo Wood (plank) can be sold for a medium price of $12 (any sawmill fits as it is very thin)

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