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The Crafting Crate is a object found inside Wobs used to craft items.


The Crafting Crate is a hollow wooden crate, with a open top to put items inside.


The crate is used to craft new items by putting other items in the crate. When a player puts the correct items in the crate, they will need to ask Wob to craft something out of it. He will ask if the player is sure, and if the player chooses "Yes" the screen will fade to black (duration of the fade is determent of the amount of items in the crafting recipe) and the crafted item will appear on the counter, the items in the crate will disappear, and Wob will say something based on the item crafted. If the player chooses "No", Wob will say "Ok then.". If the plays asks Wob without the correct items in the crate, he will say "I cant craft something out of this!".

Craftable items

Item Picture Input Wob reaction
Red Neon Wire Wire red.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Lava Wood EEEEVVIIIIILLLLL!
Green Neon Wire Wire green.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Zombie Wood Looks radioactive.
Yellow Neon Wire Wire yellow.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Gold or Snowglow Wood Fun fact! I can craft pink neon wire with pink wood!
Blue Neon Wire Wire blue.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Cavecrawler Wood Cave wire!?
Orange Neon Wire Wire orange.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Sinister or Spook Wood Spoopy!
Cyan Neon Wire Wire cyan.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Jester Wood Can be used to make a bad sky.
White Neon Wire Wire white.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Birch Wood Cool light bro
Red Icicle Lights Wire icered.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Frost Wood + 1 unit of Lava Wood CHRIIIIIIMAAAAASS!
Green Icicle Lights Wire icegreen.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Frost Wood + 1 unit of Zombie Wood Festively radioactive.
Amber Icicle Lights Wire iceyellow.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Frost Wood + 1 unit of Gold or Snowglow Wood Looks more like yellow or gold to be honest.
Blue Icicle Lights Wire iceblue.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Frost Wood + 1 unit of Cavecrawler or Jester Wood Freezing!
Spooky Icicle Lights PumpLightBoxed1.png 1 Wire + 1 unit of Phantom Wood Pump wyree
Basic Hatchet Basic hatchet boxed.png 1 Hatch + 2 units of Elm Wood Pretty basic dont you think?
Turkey BoxedTurkey.png 1 Quackert + 2 Turkey Leftovers Yeah i dont know how i did this.
Unique items
Sawmax XL Sawmaxxlimagebox.png 2 Chop Saws + 1 Sawmax 02 + 8 Wires or 1 Wire Spool + 4 Buttons + 1 Green Neon Wire Pretty complicated, but you now have this cool Sawmax XL!
The Many Hatchet GREENPRESSUREPLATEOFPLACEHOLDING.png 10 basic hatchets + 1 Many Axe Too many hatchets!
The Basic Axe GREENPRESSUREPLATEOFPLACEHOLDING.png 10 Many Axes + 1 basic hatchet Why? Just, why?
The danger garden key GREENPRESSUREPLATEOFPLACEHOLDING.png 1 Beesaxe + 2 Wood Parasites + 1 Currently unknown input + 6 Currently unknown inputs + 12 units of Jester Wood The key to the danger garden! Don't ask how i made it, ask how you survive there.
This page is a fanon, meaning this is fan content and doesn't actually exist in-game.