The Electric Axe is an axe that can be found on Halloween. It does 8.6 damage to Cavecrawler Wood and 10.4 to Electric Wood but on average does 6.7 damage. It has a range of 7.4 and a cooldown of 0.8 seconds.


Upon cutting a Electric log, or plank, it does 10.4 damage, and has a cooldown of 0.4 seconds for 5 minutes, however it will deal 10 ticks of damage every time you cut a tree while powered up.

This axe can also be useful in traversing the Maze, as it emits a small blue glow.


It has a cyan light head. It's handle is made of light grey steel.


On Halloween day, a lightning bolt can strike in 1 of 9 places. Lightning would strike every half hour in every server (except VIP servers). At the lightning bolt, is where the electric axe will spawns. It's a race to see who gets the electric axe first!

The lightning bolts could spawn:

Thanks to NinoDZ2000 or Nino717#9052 for creating the model of the Electric Axe!

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