The Electric Hollow is the place you find Fanon:Electric Wood at. It is located under the Ocean Cove


To enter, you must:

1. You must visit the Ocean Cove and find a peephole in one of the rocks

2. After finding the peephole place a Fanon:Preserved Enlarged Flamingo Eye on it,

3. An Unknown Entity inside the peephole will reply with "Now we're talking", an animation of the ground opening with play and the entrance to the Electric Hollow will open


The Electric Hollow contains many glowing electric crystals that contain electricity particles due to its high voltage. It also has vast sums of Electric Trees, its entrance is extremely neon, for the exit (optional exit) it resembles the Safari Mountain Passage and leads to boulders that you can explode with dynamite just like the Boulders at the Taiga entrance.

The Music that plays in the Electric Hollow is "Kevin MacLeod ~ Space Crystals A" due to the atmosphere and the many crystals within the hollow.

Credit to Evan4ik aka Silenceman#2709 on Discord for creating the model of the Electric Hollow.

The Electric Trees in the Electric Hollow

The Electric Crystals that produced the Electric Wood

The entrance to the Electric Hollow

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