The Electric Wood is the 2nd most expensive wood when sold at the Wood Dropoff, it can be found at the Fanon:Electric Hollow under the Ocean Cove. It is hard and long to get but without the risk of losing your wood or glitching your car, it is chopped best using the Fanon:Electric Axe (with permission from the suggestor) and harvested using the Fanon:Preserved Enlarged Flamingo Eye.


The bark has Electric Blue colour and a Sand material/texture, for its interior it has a Medium Blue and a Foil material/texture and for the leaves it has a Really Blue colour and for its material/texture its Marble. The leaves emit a blue lightning bolt particle. The tree itself resembles Pine Wood as in height but without the small branches, the interior can be seen sticking out of the bark as well.

Electric Wood is the 2nd most expensive wood alongside Phantom Wood and Reality Wood and Wood Dropoff, as it sells for:

  • Log = $75
  • Plank = $210
(Fun fact, both of the prices the wood sells for are half the prices of Phantom Wood and Reality Wood)

If you touch the tree you will lose 1 tick of damage every 4 minutes as you're getting hit with electric shocks from it.

Cutting an Electric Tree log or plank can boost the Fanon:Electric Axe's power and speed. Making a single chop deal 10.2 damage and the swing cooldown 0.4 seconds, however the wood itself is very heavy, so carrying it around isn't very easy to help prevent abusing this mechanic.

It grows fairly long taking over 26 minutes for a branch to grow into a full tree. An Electric Tree plank can be used as a wire since it can run on anything that uses wires. Its also considered to be a power source.

The best axe capable of chopping the tree nicely is the Fanon:Electric Axe, any other axe will work but the electric axe works best. But the chopsaw works best on the tree for the reason being that electric trees have to do with electricity.


Before the process keep in mind you need an equevelant of $369,450 for these essential items

  • $300 (for lowering the bridge to get the preserved enlarged flamingo eye)

Once acquired, the player must follow these guidelines to have a successful and effective harvest:

1. You must visit the Ocean Cove and find a peephole in one of the rocks

2. After finding the peephole balance the Fanon:Preserved Enlarged Flamingo Eye on it

3. An Unknown Entity inside the peephole will reply with "Now we're talking", an animation of the ground opening with play and the entrance to the Electric Hollow will open

4. Harvest your wood and get out before the entrance closes, you have 15 minutes only before it closes and you start losing damage just like in the End Times Biome.

After this you need to back to your base and use it for building or for selling. Good luck!

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