The End Times Biome Expansion is a hypothetical expansion for the End Times Biome. Instead of just containing Phantom Wood, it will now contain Phantom Oak Wood, Phantom Cherry Wood and Phantom Elm Wood.

The expanded biome will be much larger in size, and wood can randomly spawn on each of the grey-slated walkways. Another thing to note, is that instead of 1 Phantom Wood tree spawning, this biome will contain 3.


The biome will be way bigger than the original end times biome. It will also contain multiple safari holes, but a random hole may lead to the Maze Safari Exit Hole. These holes will be random each time, and the maze hole location will will change once the maze hole is found. It cannot be used to access the End however.


To enter the end times biome expansion, you will have to follow the regular walkthrough to enter the End Times Biome.

After placing the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye in a bridge booth, you will have to pay 1,000 dollars to lower the bridge instead, but after paying, the bridge will be down for 10 minutes. Extending the bridge time will cost 3,000, and plus 1,000 every time you extend the time. The time will be extended by 5 minutes.


  1. Chopping a Phantom Oak, Cherry or Elm tree with any axe other than the End Times Axe is possible, but it will take a lot of time, as any axe other than the end times axe will only deal 0.1 damage to it. The end times axe deals 1e7 damage (same as phantom wood).
  2. The wood is very hard to carry out, as the pathways are very narrow, so a utility vehicle is recommended.
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