This axe is only obtainable during the winter months in real - life time. This axe does 7 damage to frost wood and does 3.8 on other types of wood.It does 6 hits per second for any wood besides frost and it does 8 hits per second for frost wood.

How to get

What you need 1 piece of dynamite, 1 Piece of frost wood any size can be planked or not planked and a lava wood planked or not planked and a silver axe it also has to be winter real life time.

Step 1 Go to the taiga explode the boulders.

Step 2 Go to the red eagle put the frost wood under it.

Step 3 Put the silver axe on top of it.

Step 4 Wait 3-5 minutes now you have a frozen axe in a ice berg you can move it but to get the frost axe put the lava wood on top (The lava wood has to be bigger than the axe)

Step 5 Wait for 2-3 minutes. Now your done and you have the frost axe.

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