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The Heart Stone Island is an island addition which features two stores, a tree region, and a dock for the ferry to land on. The island was created back in 2016 by Jerricks and serves to showcase several suggestion ideas for the game. The island can be played and explored here.


The Heart Stone Island is an island which is normally invisible and can only be accessed by ferry after presenting Hoover with a Numbered Ball below 1000. (Note: any colour of number ball will be accepted) Following this, the ball will be destroyed, the island will appear in the distance beyond the Sand Islands, and the ferry will travel to the island.


Captain Steel's Cave


This subterranean shop sells Chainsaws and The Ancient Axe


This is a semi-abandoned shop that sells the Blue Steel Axe


The Heart Stone Island makes it possible to harvest grey wood from the two Stone Trees which spawn on the top of the cliffs.