Jake is the Owner of Fanon:Jake's Arsenal, that sells the Fanon:DB Shotgun, and the Fanon:Pistol.


"Welcome to the only shop that sells weapons the legit way! Take a look around."

If player brings item and puts it on counter "You gonna buy this (Item Name)? It costs (Item Price)"

If player says No "Well come back soon!"

If Player selects Yes with not enough money: "YOU SERIOUSLY WANNA ROB THIS PLACE?!", and has a chance of saying a “clean” version of the Navy Seal copypasta.

If Player selects Yes with enough money "There ya go!"


He appears to be wearing a “1st Batillion Red Devils Brigade Beret”, sand colored webbing, and player made camouflage.

He is supposed to be cousins with Bob, since his store is right next to Bob's Shack.

He is not a big fan of Fanon:Crafter, as he thinks Fanon:Crafter runs his and Bob's Shack out of business.

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