The lava axe is a very rare axe.

It is only obtainable on April 15th because time is needed to create and stock these axes for large amounts of players to obtain them.

If you're doing the "ritual" on a date other than April 15th, then you will get a boxed Rukiryaxe instead.

What do you need to get it?

A Fire Axe (for the lava)

A Wobblierbobblier (to get the axe)

A Cave Axe (to cool the axe)

2 Dynamite (for destroying boulders at taiga)

How to get it?

Get a car and lower the bridge to get Dynamite. (if you don't have Dynamite.)

Get a Wobblierbobblier, Fire Axe and Cave Axe from your base if you have them.

Get to the entrance of Taiga and use the dynamite to blow up the boulders.

Drive to the Red Eagle, open the hatch and proceed to drop the items in the hatch.

Go into the hatch and proceed to give the items to the people:

Left Person: Give them the Cave Axe.

Middle Person: Give them the Fire Axe.

Right Person: Give them the Wobblierbobblier.

As you do all of those steps, the items will disappear and the Lava Axe will float from out of the roof. The guitar riff from Doom Eternal’s “The only thing they fear is you” will play. The tendrils particles from the BFG 9000 will also linger around your player for a while.

But we already have the fire axe, what's the function of this axe?

When you drop with axe into the volcano, it flings itself back to you

The axe has a fire trail.

If you drop the axe in the water, then it will explode and fling itself back to you.

It has 6.5 damage to ALL trees, this is not special made for Lava Wood.

You can only get on April 15th, when they stocked the axes.

It can occasionally “infect” any wood type and turn it into Lava Wood.


Suggested by: Flamehacer01 (wiki: Flame Hacker)

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