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The lighter is an item that can be purchased as a Spark Gift in the Wood R Us during the 2021 Christmas Event. It is the most expensive item you can buy in this store.

Spark Gift

A spark gift is slightly larger than a lighter, it has a yellow casing, red ribbons and a bow.


A lighter is an item that you can keep in your inventory, such as Axes and Blueprints. It is only used to set fire to the owner's planks. Its range is equal to 5. When ignited, it turns into Firewood, but unlike it, it can be lifted and does not burn indefinitely. The burning time depends on the type of wood and is the product of the burning time of one Unit and the volume. When the plank runs out of fire, it turns into Dead wood and disappears. The only non-flammable wood is Frost Wood.

Lump of Coal

You can also set fire to a Lump of Coal. After igniting, it burns for 20 minutes, does not disappear and can be ignited again.

The table below shows the burning time for each type of wood.

Name Burning time(Minutes)/Unit
Oak 10
Elm 11
Cherry 8
Walnut 15
Pine 5
Fir 5
Birch 7
Koa 20
Cavecrawler 35
Lava inf
Zombie 30
Gold 60
Snowglow 45
Frost -
Palm 20
Phantom 75
Spook 90
Sinister 120



Burning wood can be used as decoration in fireplaces and fires.


After food such as turkeys and Turkey Leftovers are placed on the burning wood, they start to cook. This process is the same as in the Volcano.


After laying a Ball of Snow on burning wood, it begins to melt at the same rate as in a volcano. Another use is to get rid of unnecessary wood, but it is a very time consuming process.

Pink Lighter

A pink lighter, can be obtained when opening the box. The chance of getting it is 1/1000. In operation it does not differ from a regular lighter. Due to the cost of the gift and the very small chance, a pink lighter is a very valuable and expensive item.

Lighter model