The Lucky Axe is part of a new annual Saint Patrick's day event, taking place between March 1st through March 18th. The damage and reach are a bit better than the Rukiryaxe, it's damage being 2 and it's reach being 10. But there's a 7% chance that it will deal 2.7 damage and emit golden particles


The head (or blade) is gold with a four-leaf clover on it, and the handle is a pale green wood with a yellow band.


During this 2 and a half week period four-leaf clovers randomly spawn around the Main Biome there's always at least three spawned but there could be as many as 10 scattered about. A rainbow also appears in the sky when the server initializes so every server has a random position. After harvesting a four-leaf clover you must buy a Steel Axe from Wood R Us, Then look for the rainbow. After finding you must traverse around the map to the end of it where you can find a pot of gold, drop the axe into it and the blade will turn gold. Then you must take both those items (The gilded steel axe* and the clover) to Ruhven place the items on the desk and talk to him and select "Actually no" and instead of saying "GET OUT OF MY STORE" he'll say: "GET OUT OF... My oh..." Followed by "So your here for that?" and after a flash of light your screen goes white** and when it returns to normal; Ruhven*** will have disappeared and the Lucky Axe will be on the counter.


*: The gilded steel axe is just the steel axe with a golden head it has no difference as far as damage and reach, and if you reload or leave the game you'll just find a normal steel axe in its place.

**This is local (only your screen goes white)

***Ruhven will only disappear for you and will return within 5mins or after you reload/leave the game. Meaning you can only make one of these every 5mins

PS: Ruhven is obviously a leprecon because nobody can walk under the glass to get in the room behind the counter! He can look like a man but never shows his true form

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