The Lumber Games is a Roblox game created by TheCrimsonEvil and Redguy16, and owned by the group Lumber Tycoon 2 Fans, an affiliated Roblox group to this wiki. It is a Lumber Tycoon 2 themed spin-off of the Hunger Games.

The objective of the game is to compete against other players using items you find on the map and be last player standing.

Game Locations


The lobby is where players will spawn when joining or dying and is located high above the game arena. This area has three sections: the main lobby, arcade room, and a hall of fame. In the main lobby includes leaderboards, a shop managed by Defaultio, a Ticktatwert memorial, and a teleport to the Impossible Obby (it's not actually impossible).

Tube Room

The Tube Room is where players will be teleported when they want to play a round. The tube room includes 56 tubes for players to enter, and a staff-only main control in the center which allows staff to open/close tubes. When a match is about to start all the players are inside of closed tubes and they are raised up to the map.


The arena is the main area where players will compete against one another. Included in the arena are many notable locations across Lumberland, such as the Volcano, Wood R Us, Winter Cabin, and more.

Control Room

The Control Room is a staff exclusive area where all arena actions are made. Some of these actions include disasters, music, and game setup.

Impossible Obby

Impossible Obby from the start

The obby is an area of the game players can have fun. There is 1 checkpoint. Completing the first half of the obby will give you 501 in-game cash (not in Lumber Tycoon 2, though). Completing the second half of the obby will award the player with 2000 in-game cash.


Wood randomly spawns around the map when a match starts. Its the main way of dealing damage to other players.

  • Oak - 5 Damage
  • Cherry - 10 Damage
  • Elm - 10 Damage
  • Walnut - 10 Damage
  • Pine - 10 Damage
  • Koa - 10 Damage
  • Zombie - 10 Damage
  • Gold - 12 Damage
  • Frost - 14 Damage
  • Lava - 15 Damage
  • Palm - 15 Damage
  • Snowglow - 18 Damage
  • Cavecrawler - 20 Damage
  • Spook - 22 Damage
  • Sinister - 27 Damage


  • Sand Rocks - Surrounds the player with small spherical sand boulders that then collapse and spread out, dealing 5 damage to players on contact and making anyone in contact with it fall down. The sand rocks can't deal damage to the player who placed them.
  • Fire Present - Deploys a stationary flamethrower that will target the nearest player, dealing 5 damage per hit. Will stay locked on that player until they leave the aim radius, even if another player gets closer, the flamethrower can't damage the player who placed it. The flamethrower is collidable so the player is able to stand on top of it when placed.
  • Big Boi - Deploys a stationary laser cannon that will target the nearest player, dealing up to 10 damage per hit. Will stay locked on that player until they leave the aim radius, even if another player gets closer. The cannon is a reference to the 5th level of the Light Turret from the game Cube Defense.
  • Land Mine - Deploys Dynamite where the player stands, and after a certain time will become transparent. Will deal 99 damage to all surrounding players if anyone, including the owner, steps in the blast radius.The blast radius is 10 studs.
  • Can of Worms - Will heal up to 25 HP, unless the player is full or is missing a tiny bit of health (1-5 health), in which case it will add 10 Max HP for the rest of the round.
  • Flash Bulb: Will make the screens of all surrounding players white for a certain amount of time.
  • Disco - Spawns a floating disco ball playing Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees, making all surrounding players dance for a short amount of time. While a player is dancing they are able to use items and wood.
  • Golden Toilet - Will spawn a Golden Toilet in front of the player that will activate upon anyone sitting on it. On activation, it will count down from 5 to 0, and will then launch the player sitting on it towards the middle of the map, often launching them to the other side of the map.

All item's actions are subject to change due to server lag.


During a round of The Lumber Games, a number of disasters may occur.

  • Mist: Spawns mist that pushes the player towards the middle of the map while also damaging the player. Mist can spawn on the Fancy Furnishings side of the map or the Wood R Us side of the map.
  • Blizzard: Same as mist but in the Taiga biome.
  • Road Boulders: Spawns 4 boulders on the path in the mountainside biome that roll down and damage the player if it touches them.
  • Volcano Boulders: Spawns 4 boulders in the volcano that roll down and damage the player if they touch the boulder.
  • Volcano Lava: Closes the entrance to the volcano and makes lava rise inside of the volcano that kills the player if they touch it.
  • Winter Spleef: Activates spleef on the ice mountain. The ice breaks as the player walks on it, if the player falls down they instantly die.
  • Lodge TNT: Spawns active Land Mines around the Lodge located in the Taiga biome.
  • Center Noobs: Will spawn 5 noob heads, modeled after the Wobblierbobblier, each one with a low amount of health and dealing a low amount of damage. They will fixate on the first player to enter the middle of the arena past the water.
  • Player Noobs: Will spawn 1 noob head, modeled after the Wobblierbobblier,on top of each tribute, fixating on them, each head with a low amount of health and dealing a low amount of damage.
  • Airdrops: Will spawn several capsules, slightly larger than a sponsor capsule, around the map. When opened it will give the player up to 8 logs/items. The items and logs an airdrop gives is usually better than what a normal sponsor gives. There is a chance that an airdrop falls on an invisible wall around the map, in that case it will stay there until it despawns or until the barrier pushes it down.
  • Center Bombs: Will spawn active Land Mines around the center of the arena that will go off after 5 seconds. The Land Mines deal more damage and have more of a blast radius than their item counterpart.
  • Flood: Will flood the map with water, dealing 10 damage each second to players who get trapped under it. May be stacked with a Flash Flood during Hardcore and Practice Matches.
  • Flash Flood: A faster-filling variation of the Flood. May be stacked with a Flood during Hardcore and Practice Matches.
  • Lava Flood: A slower-filling variation of the Flood, filling the map with lava that will kill instantly upon contact.
  • Barrier: Will spawn a huge red barrier that will slowly move to the middle, herding any remaining tributes. This disaster will generally be used when there are very few tributes remaining, and signals a near end to the match.
  • Fire Tornado: Will sound off an alarm, then spawn a flaming tornado in the center of the map with a mind of it's own. It may hunt specific players, the closest player, wander randomly, or hunt the Blackhawk. The tornado launches the player towards the middle of the map and deals 75 damage to them.
  • Lobby Cannon!: Will sound off an alarm, then charge the cannon attached to the bottom of the lobby and fire it, dealing 75-150(?) damage to any players in the center of the map.
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