Matthew is an NPC whom is able to trade with the player. The character seems friendly from his dialogue.


Matthew wears a blue shirt with black pants along with a black blazer. He has brown hair and wears black glasses.


The player is able to place items in Matthew's trading bin in order to trade with him. This is a easier way for players to get difficult-to-obtain items.


Matthew currently has 6 available trades. The player will receive a random one of these trades each time they complete a trade or join the game. The game will accept a log as any piece of unsawmilled wood that is greater to or equal to 1 unit. The game will generate a log in similar size to a branch of that wood's tree.

Wanted Reward Chance
1 End Times Axe 7 Phantom Logs* 5%
4 Oak Logs
3 Frost Logs
2 Cavecrawler Logs
5 Lava Logs
7 Gold Logs
9 Birch Logs
8 Fir Logs
1 Snowglow Log
1 Pineapple 10%
17 Fir Logs 9 Frost Logs 15%
8 Birch Logs 4 Lava Logs 20%
12 Oak Logs 12 Birch Logs 25%
16 Oak Logs 15 Gold Logs 25%

*The game will generate 5 phantom logs similar in size to a phantom tree branch and 2 phantom logs similar in size to a phantom tree log.


If the trading bin is empty:
"I'll give you [reward] if you bring me [wanted]."
If the items in the bin match the wanted item:
"Nice trading with you!"
If the items in the bin do not match the wanted items:
"I don't want [items in bin], come back once you've gotten [wanted].

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