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The meat-burger is a Hamburger but just with a different name. It is used as a source of getting a boost, eating this will make you faster by doubling your speed and more. The Meat-Burger could be bought for 150,000 at Rocky Rocks!


Eating the Meat-Burger will give you a powerful boost as seen above... The burger will double your speed and triples your strength for carrying wood and other items. The burger will also quadruple your jumping height. The power only lasts for a limited amount of time, 60 minutes.  


  1. Obtaining this is quite easy, you will just need one Bag full of Lava and at least 150,000 money.
    • First, you will need to go to Rocky Rocks
    • Go to the back of the store
    • Place the Bag full of Lava on the pedestal

2. Once you have placed the bag on the pedestal, a hidden door will open and you must go to the owner (which I didn’t make yet, ahahahahaha)

  • The owner will say “Wow, looks like a forgot there was a room back there!”
  • you will see 4 Meat-burgers which you can now get and buy.

3. After 10 minutes the Meat-Burger room’s door will close and the owner will say, “Time to restock it, come back in 30 minutes, will ya?” Although the owner says it takes 30 minutes for it to restock, it only takes 15 minutes for it to restock.


The Meat-Burger itself is made of two buns, a layer full of lettuce and cheese. It also has a meat bun too. The box has is grey and has the letters “MEAT-BURGER” and has a picture of the Meat-Burger without colors.

Fun Facts

  • The owner always forgets there’s a Meat-Burger room due to him being a Ghost
  • The Meat-Burger is grilled off the fiery pits of the volcano and then placed in a plastic box.
  • The bun is made from the end times wood which gives power to people.
  • The Meat-Burger once was sold at Link’s Logic.